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Vol. XXXIV, Number 10 October 2014

"The US is currently waging war in at least 14 nations:  Afghanistan, Algeria, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Uganda, and Yemen."
A Few Words:

Cascade Media Convergence

Rally on Wednesday, November 19th, 8am at the
Multnomah County Courthouse   /  1021 SW 4th 
Save Good Service, Union Jobs & Free Speech!

                                                           John Cole, Cagle Cartoons, The Scranton Times-Tribune

The Portland Alliance Tom Engelhardt Portal

Tom Engelhardt created and runs the website,
a project of The Nation Institute where he is a Fellow.  "On Sunday, September 21st, a huge crowd will march through the middle of Manhattan. It will almost certainly be the largest rally about climate change in human history, and one of the largest political protests in many years in New York. More than 1,000 groups are coordinating the march."     

When: Sunday, September 21
Location: Gathering begins at 3pm at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park (park bowl just south of Hawthorne bridge @ SW Naito Parkway & SW Madison)

For more information, email


“The shot that killed Darrien, which was straight in the back, did not have an exit wound,” Edwards told the Guardian. “It raises the question as to how you can lunge at someone and be shot in the back at the same time.”   read the rest of this tragic story:

(Photo: Corporate Trade/Flickr Creative Commons)

Your Abuse Is Not Appreciated

by Laura Finley

"Much has been written in the last several weeks about men’s physical abuse of women. Former Baltimore Raven Ray Rice’s videotaped knockout of his girlfriend and the initial two-game suspension he received from the NFL prompted both outrage and, of course, an outpouring of fan support for the abuser. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell seemed to realize the gravity of the situation and changed league policy to include harsher sanctions for convicted abusers. Then, when TMZ released footage of the actual knockout punch earlier this week, which the league claims not to have seen, it seemed like even die-hard professional football fans could no longer defend the league for its still weak approach to the serious issue of domestic violence."   Find out what Laura has to say..

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Winslow Myers
“The way the United States has chosen to approach the chaos of the Middle East has far more frightening implications than we think, especially in terms of the world our children will inherit. If we are honest about how our adversaries perceive us, we will have to admit that there is a grand cycle of violence and insult operating, in which we ourselves are implicated up to our necks.”

Author: Winslow Myers
Published in: The Portland Alliance

Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic Featuring Matt Amott
October 9, 2014   /   7pm     /     Cover to Cover Books
6300 NE St. James Rd., Suite 104B (St. James & Minnehaha)  Vancouver, WA 98663

Mike Hastie Photography

The Real Domino Theory

"Since the end of World War II, the U.S.
Government has bombed 28 countries.
These countries have become an ammo belt
going into an M-60 machine gun.
Short bursts over time, so it doesn't
look like the U.S. is trying to take over
the world over night.
You don't want to pull the trigger non-stop,
because that would give away America's cover."   
the rest of the poem, with photographs:

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BP and the Three Stooges Defense

Throughout the 150-page decision, the judge cites one instance after another of bone-headed, buffoonish, slapstick decisions, and plenty of pratfalls and banana-peel slips by BP, Transocean and Halliburton. You have to wonder how these schmucks even found their drill hole. It was a corporate Larry-Moe-and-Curly-Joe routine that would provide a lot of belly laughs if 11 men hadn’t died as a result. 

Get the Skinny:

Air Force Launches Cosmetic Fixes for “Self-Inflicted Rot” in Nuclear Missile Crews

 By John LaForge

 After a string of what the Secretary of the Air Force called “systemic” violations
of nuclear weapons procedures, the service has moved to address what one internal email called “rot”
in the nuclear missile corps.  Air Force higher-ups plan to fix problems involving low morale, poor discipline,
alcohol and drug use, security lapses, leadership failures and widespread cheating,,,
Here is the rest of the story...

Perpetual War Is Fine With the New York Times After All

By Norman Solomon

"The editorial board of the New York Times has an Orwellian knack for war. Sixteen months ago, when President Obama gave oratorical lip service to ending “perpetual war,” the newspaper quickly touted that end as a democratic necessity. But now -- in response to Obama’s speech Wednesday night announcing escalation of war without plausible end -- the Times editorial voice is with the endless war program."

the rest of the story

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Oregon Peace and Justice Portal at the Alliance 

  "To President Obama and members of Congress: We are writing to urge you to cease your military operations in Iraq and plans to use military action in Syria.

... The FBI said on August 22 that ISIS has made no credible threats against the US.

Campus Cops With M-16s
The Arizona State University police received 70 M-16s. Lincoln University, in Missouri, ordered 15 military backpacks and 20 bayonets. And the University of Central Florida police department owns an M-79 grenade launcher.

RACC seeks applications for new public art murals
PORTLAND, ORE — The Regional Arts & Culture Council is now accepting applications for mural funding through its Public Art Murals Program. Applications are due the first Wednesday of every month through June 2015.

Andy Stapp, Soldier Who Tried to Unionize the Military, Dies at 70

By WILLIAM YARDLEY "As antiwar protester determined to challenge the military from within,
Mr. Stapp faced court-martial twice and a discharge for what his superiors deemed subversive activity."  
The rest: 


"The current situation provides a particularly appropriate time

for the U.S. government to back off from yet another military crusade in the region."

Nationalist Illusions

 By Lawrence S. Wittner

"After thousands of years of bloody wars among contending tribes,
regions, and nations, is it finally possible to dispense with
the chauvinist ideas of the past?"     

A Portal for the Writings of Lawrence S. Wittner:

An Alliance Portal for Street Roots

Street Roots would like to invite you to take part in the organization second annual Family Breakfast.

The Street Roots Family Breakfast is inspiring! It's time to celebrate the organization and what is does for the community. Enjoy a breakfast Portland Alliance Onlinewith friends, the Street Roots Vendor of the Year Award and Keynote Speaker Nick Fish — as he tells the story of Street Roots.

Street Roots is poised to go weekly this up and coming year — giving vendors the income they need to support a healthy life. It's your support that will help get us there.

When: Thursday, October 9th, 2014, 7:30am-9:00am
Location: The Sentinel Hotel (formerly the Governor Hotel)

Portland Alliance Online

Were the cavemen smarter than us?
I am confounded that we have collectively abandoned responsibility for ourselves.
Why have we as a society turned our backs on providing for our own personal safety,
as well as our loved one’s? Were the cavemen smarter than us?
Our ancestors never left the cave without a club.

Don Dupay for Salem Insider

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"Righteous wrath and the urge for revenge are terrible foundations for creative policy-making. They lead almost inevitably to doing stupid stuff. 50 years beyond the Cuban Missile Crisis and 70 years into the nuclear age, the time for stupidity in international strategy is over. It is not merely possible, it is just about inevitable that the cycle of violence between the West and the Middle East will eventually go nuclear if we keep on as we are. Building these weapons is now an open secret.
Winslow Myers Portal


by Winslow Myers

How the West Created the Islamic State

Nafeez Ahmed, Medium: Since 2003, Anglo-American power has coordinated direct and indirect support for Islamist terrorist groups linked to al Qaeda across the Middle East and North Africa. This ill-conceived strategy is motivated by ambitions to dominate regional oil resources, defend an expansionist Israel and re-draw the map of the Middle East.

Read the Article

from The Alliance Truthout Portal  

for complete stories check it out!

Raise the minimum wage in Portland to $15 per hour.   
Commentary by  Nancy Weaver:

Keaton Otis Memorial October 12th

The Kucinich Korner
at The Alliance

Dennis Kucinich

“The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” This is a direct quote from an interview with then-Senator Obama in the Boston Globe on December 20, 2007.

Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution makes it clear that only the Congress has the power to take the nation to war. Yet tonight, President Obama claimed that authority for himself: “I have the authority to address the threat from ISIL.... I welcome congressional support.” Apparently the US Constitution is now optional.    

rest of story...

Munk's Musings

US foreign fighters in the AfPak theater under Commander-in-Chief Obama suffered four

casualties in the week ending September 17 as
the official c
asualty total for the Iraq and AfPak wars* rose to 122,135.

German TV Shows Nazi Symbols on Ukraine Soldiers' Helmets 
  Munk Archives:

and more         
An interview with Michael Munk.

Nancy WeaverNancy Weaver 
is a m
other and grandmother
with a degree in Sociology
from West Virginia State University.
She is retired from employment with
Portland State University, Department of Philosophy.

Commentary by  Nancy Weaver:

"Attempting to get an amendment passed in this political chaos is nearly impossible.
This is true. But when the Supreme Court in its mischief makes a grotesquely destructive law like making
money the same as free
speech, we are under the thumb of the moneyed class more than ever in U. S. elections.
see more...   

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