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Dedicated organizers, writers, activists, and artists struggle to fund and publish The Alliance, so that everyday people can be provided with a forum.  The Portland Alliance newspaper has been standing up against racism, corruption, and violence for more than thirty one years.  Mainstream media misrepresents, downplays, or ignores critical news.

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The Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media & Education (NAAME) is a 501 C3 Oregon nonprofit. Service-learning students can get credit for Volunteering.  You can make a difference & help support JWJ, KBOO, the Labor Radio Collective, Occupy Portland, and progressive partners all over the Pacific Northwest.  
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The Alliance is a 501C3 nonprofit. Service-learning students can get credit for Volunteering.  You can make a difference & help support JWJ, KBOO, the Labor Radio Collective, Occupy Portland, and our progressive partners all over the Pacific Northwest. editor@theportlandalliance.org .

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Periodically, we must pay the overhead and create, update, publish, and distribute the online paper.  Right now, the corporate elite own congress, the courts, and the media.  Everyday people are wire-tapped, rendered, tortured, raped, or murdered... and our leaders claim a right to pursue anyone, anytime, anywhere, for any reason...  or for no reason at all.  We could surrender in fear.  But vital, active, radical, underground publications give us a seat at the table.

If you believe in peace, justice, and freedom:  NO FEAR, NO COMPROMISE, & NO SURRENDER!
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