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The Portland Alliance

The big March this year is down in Salem. There are two events in Portland, one in the afternoon at Lents Park (starting at 3 PM) and one at 7a.m. calling out the Portland Business Alliance in front of the Convention Center.

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Community Health & Wellness Fair (English y Español)
If you’re in need of some health and wellness checks, an amazing and expansive group of local orgs have teamed up to offer free acupuncture, light massage, rapid HIV tests, OHP and SNAP assistance, raffles, and so much more. And if that’s not enticing enough for some odd reason, there will also be food. The Rosewood Initiative, 16126 SE Stark, 3-7 pm, FREE

May Day 2018: Unite for Worker and Immigrant Rights
It’s that time of the year again—the day to celebrate the work accomplished to protect workers’ rights and the mark of another year of organizing. This family-friendly event will bring together grassroots groups, labor unions, and more to enjoy games, music, food, and speakers. Lents Park, 9000 SE Holgate, 3-8 pm, FREE

May Day Party
This evening-time International Workers’ Day celebration is a non-profit and grassroots expo, as well as a party! Learn about new organizations and listen to jams from DJs WolfyBB and Xian. Better yet, grab a pint of a red cider that will debut exclusively for this event! Cider Riot, 807 NE Couch, 4-11 pm, FREE


May Day 2018: Unite for Worker and Immigrant Rights

 · Hosted by Portland May Day Coalition

  •                                Tuesday, May 1 at 3 PM - 8 PM PDT

  • Lents Park

    9000 SE Holgate Blvd, Portland, Oregon 97266


    ** Location note: SE Corner of Lents Park, near playground
    ** Ubicación del evento: esquina al sureste de Lents Park

    May Day 2018 - United for Worker and Immigrant Rights

    The Portland May Day Coalition is a broad group of local grassroots organizations, labor unions, faith groups, and individuals who come together every year to recognize May Day - International Workers' Day. We remember past revolutionaries who have fought for, and won, critical rights; we also organize to continue the struggle.

    This year the coalition will be hosting a family-friendly event to celebrate this work, our community, and strategize about how we support each other through our diverse, but interconnected, movements. We will be e...See More

  • Causes
  • Kid Friendly

    May Day Gathering

    WhenTue, May 1, 3pm – 8pm

    WhereLents Park, 4808 SE 92nd Ave, Portland, OR 97266, USA (map)


    Tuesday, May 1 

    Waukesha, Wis.—Day Without Latinxs & Immigrants / 10am-12pm RSVP

    Detroit, Mich.—May Day Detroit 2018 Rally and March / 3:30-6:30pm RSVP

    Topeka, Kan.—Nonviolent Moral Fusion Direct Action Training / 5:15-9pm RSVP

    Albany, N.Y.—Nonviolent Moral Fusion Direct Action Training / 6-9pm RSVP

    Washington, D.C.—Poor People’s Campaign Call 4 Artists / 6:30-8:30pm RSVP

    Washington, D.C.—Interfaith Community Outreach Meeting / 7-8:30pm RSVP

    Paterson, N.J.—Mass Meeting / 7-8:30pm RSVP

    Fayetteville, Ark.—Education Potluck / 6-7pm RSVP

Bette Lee I'll remember this Mayday for its intensity---our intense emotions of grief and outrage at the recent killing of Freddie Gray, another young black man by the police, demands for justice, our outcry for the police killings of people to stop, and our resistance. Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, Justice Matters, Resistance is the only action that matters!

Come out this May Day and stand united for social & economic justice. Together we can build a movement to take back our communities .

International Workers Day in 2015, we find ourselves facing unprecedented cuts to public services including education, street and park maintenance, social services, unemployment insurance, 27 wars of choice, mismanagement of health services,  and much more. We see rapid increases in poverty including houselessness and food insecurity. We continue to experience attacks on people of color, immigrants, working families, women, students, everyday people and a right to organize.

It is time to organize and FIGHT BACK!!

People Over Profit !


We've also got some wonderful speakers and music. Great organizations will be tabling. And then we'll march along our route together yelling our chants, making our voices heard.

No Fear, No Compromise and No Surrender.

Help us plan for an International Occupation!
Video: Portland Police Beat Protesters,
Pull Their Hair,
Drag them in the Street, Attack Media

Video: May Day Speeches in the Park 2012

author: Joe Anybody       e-mail:e-mail:
This is four video clips from May Day 2012 Speeches in the Park In the true spirit of May Day ~ enjoy the peoples voices

PART 1: May Day Speeches 2012

PART 2: May Day Speeches 2012

PART 3: May Day Speeches 2012

PART 4: May Day Speeches 2012

These are the speeches [only] filmed in Shemanski Park on May Day in Portland Oregon. 
May Day 2012

Around 5000 people took part in the rally and march on May Day. See pictures of the event in the JWJ photo gallery.

Five Flyers! #1 TPA / #2 JWJ / #3 VOZ / #4 General Strike!  
Mayday Flyer with White Background!
    Celebrate International Workers' Day!

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Liberate space on May Day!  


"People have only as much liberty
as they have the intelligence to want
and the courage to take.”
Emma Goldman

The right to rebellion is the right to seek a higher rule...
~George Elliot

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For all we can know

The Universe begins and ends

in each of us,

in the reach of our own hands.

~From Time on Our Hands, by Max Linden Levy


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