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2018 Scrooge of the Year

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Click Here to get your admission tickets with 20 free votes! 

Nominations for our 2018 Scrooge of the Year Award are now open! If your organization would like to nominate someone for this award, please  fill out the nomination form at the bottom of this page by no later than November 2nd at 6pm.

Every holiday season Portland Jobs with Justice comes together to celebrate our community, and to vote for the winner of the not-so-coveted annual Scrooge of the Year Award.

This award is voted on by the community (that’s you!) and is given each year to a bad boss, a politician, a corporation, or some other deserving institution that has been particularly nasty in the past year.

We here at Portland Jobs with Justice think it’s important that the voting process for this award is true to our American democratic system. That’s right – this election is for sale! You may purchase as many votes as you wish for as many different candidates as you wish to let your voice be heard in deciding the worst #badboss in town.

Admission tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door. Admission tickets come with 20 free votes. Additional votes can be bought online or at the party for $1 per vote.

Votes will be available to purchase online starting on November 5th at 6pm after the nominees have been announced. 

Click Here to get your admission tickets with 20 free votes!