The PDX Police Bureau takes between 39 and 47% of the city budget. In New York City, the police bureau gets between 2% and 8% of the city budget. We are being lied to and robbed. The administrators of the bureau cheat, steal, profile, beat and murder citizens because they can and city councils and mayors have let them. The fix is in.
Portland Oregon has been under martial law for decades.

NW Alliance Portal   We need police accountability!

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Incomplete List:
Citizens Killed by police
Larry McKinney, 2012
Brad Morgan, 2012
Elias Angel Ruiz, 2012
Jimmy Georgeson, 2012
Anthony McDowell, 2011
Darryel Ferguson - 2010
Aaron Campbell, 2010
Jack Collins, 2010
Keaton Otis, 2010
Derek Coady, 2008
Jason Spoor, 2008
Andrew Hanlon, 2008
Steven Bolen, 2007
Timothy Grant, 2007
Songseumsack Tanovan, 2007
James Chasse, 2006
Lukas Glenn, 2006
Jordan Case, 2006
Fouad Kaady, 2006
Raymond Gwerder, 2005
Dwayne Novak, 2005
James Jahar Perez, 2004
Warren Sercombe, 2004
Joyce Staudenmaier, 2004
Eddie Homsombath, 2003
Kendra James, 2003
Jeremy Shellbe, 2002
Daniel Flannigan, 2002
Anthony Utah-Zona Beck, 2002
Dickie Dow, 1998
Patricia Sweany, 1997
Tom Graves, 1995
Gale Moody, 1994
Michael Lee Henry, 1991
Mari Lyn Sandoz, 1990
Jeff Chilson, 1989
Daniel Ynosente Reyes, 1987
Timothy Baumel, 1987
Jose Carlos Echeagary, 1986
Frank Bearcub, 1985
Mark Roy Stomps, 1984
Lawrence L Stacey, 1981
Jose Mejia Poot,
Janet Marilyn Smith,

Police Union For Commanding Officers Slams Portland Officials
For Condemning Controversial Texts With Right-Wing Activist

“As Portland Police Commissioner [Wheeler] has failed to develop an understanding of even basic police work,” the union said in a statement. 

Or perhaps the "police union" needs to realize officers cannot break the law.
This is not in the contract.  

Here is a mainstream media account which
unquestioningly accepts police lying and abusing citizens in PDX.


NE Portland woman sues Portland Police over detention during search for suspect of different gender, race

UPDATED: This story has been updated with information from a Dec. 3, 2013 letter informing Haynes that Portland Police's Internal Affairs department was closing the case.

Lisa Haynes is not male, Hispanic or anywhere near 5-foot-4, but that didn't stop Portland Police from detaining and handcuffing her two years ago as they searched for a mail-theft suspect described in that manner.

Now, Haynes, a Northeast Portland resident, has filed a lawsuit against the city and Officers Greg Baldwin and Jordan Winkel alleging unlawful seizure and assault and battery stemming from the Feb. 17, 2012, incident. She also is suing the city for failing to adequately train and supervise its officers on seizure and avoiding the use of excessive force.

In her federal complaint filed Friday, Haynes, 49, said the two officers shoved her, yelled profanity at her, verbally threatened her and patted her down – including touching her genital area – before letting her go. She said she was waiting for a bus at Southeast 82nd Avenue and Foster Road when the officers stopped her in their search. She said they questioned her without telling her why and grabbed her when she thought she was free to leave.

The incident prompted Haynes to file a complaint with a police review board in the months after the detention. Although Portland Police's Internal Affairs Division initially called for exonerating the officers of all allegations, Portland's Citizen Review Committee harshly criticized the quality of the police bureau's investigation last June.

Among other concerns: The Internal Affairs officers failed to interview all potential witnesses, did not consider Haynes' allegation that the police stop was inappropriate and potentially discriminatory, and allowed reports on old encounters police had had with Haynes and her son that were irrelevant to remain in the case file for review, members noted.

During that hearing, the officers' lieutenant had defended their actions, saying that suspect descriptions can often be wrong and that he believed they were cordial with Haynes.

A Portland Police spokesman and two members of the Citizen Review Committee did not immediately comment.
Haynes, who is representing herself at the moment, is seeking unspecified damages to be determined during trial.

-- Helen Jung

Three unarmed 15 year-old-boys killed by U.S. cops in one month — but only one case saw much-needed coverage



MAY 31, 2017 | 4:46 PM


KING: Three unarmed 15 year-old-boys killed by U.S. cops in one month — but only one case saw much-needed coverage

(From l.) Jayson Negron, Jordan Edwards and Darius Smith were all gunned down by police within a month. (Facebook)


Five months into the year and 2017 is already on pace to be one of the deadliest years measured for the number of people killed by American police and the crisis shows no signs of slowing down.

At least 492 people have lost their lives at the hands of American police so far this year and as the number grows, I've noticed many extremely disturbing trends.

At least three different unarmed 15-year-old black boys have been shot and killed by law enforcement in this past month alone. As far back as I can research, we've never had a single month in this country's history where three different unarmed black boys this young have been shot and killed by police in three different incidents in the same month.

And, in each incident, what we have seen is the police make drastic changes to their initial narratives of why they were forced to shoot and kill these young boys.

When 15-year-old Jordan Edwards was recently shot and killed by a police officer in suburban Dallas, the initial narrative was that the car he was a passenger attempted to mow down the officer who repeatedly fired his rifle into the vehicle. Upon reviewing the body camera footage of the incident, the Balch Springs Police Chief then openly stated that the initial narrative was a complete fabrication and proceeded to fire the officer who was later charged with murder.

Since Jordan was killed by police, two more unarmed young black boys have been shot and killed by law enforcement in Connecticut and California. Neither of their cases have received the attention or coverage that they deserve.

Crowds gathered in Bridgeport, Conn., for a protest and vigil in memory of Jayson Negron.

Crowds gathered in Bridgeport, Conn., for a protest and vigil in memory of Jayson Negron. (Christian Abraham/AP)


I continue to be convinced that some of the problem is that we are so bombarded by bad news every single day of the week, from the levels and levels of Trump's foolishness to the repeated attacks by white supremacists all over the country, that it's sincerely hard for any of us to even keep track of just how awful the crisis of police violence is right now.

Just like police did with Jordan Edwards, the initial reports from law enforcement about the recent shooting deaths of Jayson Negron in Connecticut and Darius Smith of California were full of absolutely wild inaccuracies.

On May 9th, police in Bridgeport, Connecticut said they shot and killed 15-year-old Jayson Negron because he ran over an officer and pinned him "beneath the car" — which police claimed was stolen. The next day authorities said Jayson died from a single gunshot to the head and communicated to the family that he died instantly. Except that's not what happened at all.

Someone who was there after Jayson was shot filmed him, alive, on the ground, with his hands handcuffed behind his back. As he is bleeding to death, the video shows Jayson wiggling his feet and moving his head — which was actually not shot at all.

In fact, the local police chief was forced to come out the next day and admit the story about Jayson being shot in the head was a fabrication. Instead, he was shot in the torso and did not die instantly. Instead of receiving the life-saving medical care he needed and deserved, Jayson was allowed to bleed out there on the ground until he died. After he died, police later admitted that they left him there on the ground for at least six hours.

Supporters holding lit candles reflected at a Balch Springs, Tex., vigil for Jordan Edwards.

Supporters holding lit candles reflected at a Balch Springs, Tex., vigil for Jordan Edwards. (Tony Gutierrez/AP)


We have no idea if he could've survived, but handcuffing someone shot in the chest with their hands behind their back, then placing them face down on the concrete, is a good way to make sure they die.

Now police seem to be saying that the officer was not actually hit by the car, but was about to be"sucked under the car." What does that even mean? Was he hit by the car or wasn't he? And how exactly is somebody sucked under a car? This is exactly what police did after they shot and killed Jordan Edwards — the story changed by the hour.

Now, on this past Saturday, May 27th, 15-year-old Darius Smith was repeatedly shot and killed by an off-duty U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agent as Darius and two of his 14-year-old friends got off of a local train. According to Attorney Lee Merritt, all of the boys were shot running away from the man with wounds to their backs, butts, and legs. And, according to Merritt, Darius Smith, after being shot in his legs was then shot in his chest, execution style, from the law enforcement officer.

The off-duty officer claims the boys attempted to rob him, but the boys have no criminal record and who believes they would have done so at one of the busiest areas of Los Angeles County in the middle of the day? Something's just not adding up.

What's clear is that law enforcement officers in America have been clearly signaled that they will not receive the same federal scrutiny from Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions as President Obama and his Department of Justice put forth. Both white supremacists and law enforcement alike are well aware that their criminality is low on the priority list of this administration.


The murders of Aaron Campbell, Keaton Otis,  and James Chasse, Jr. have never been resolved. None of the officers who broke the law and violated Police Department Procedures have been charged, tried,or prosecuted for these crimes. We, the citizens of Portland, Oregon have paid millions for the crimes committed by PDX police officers, yet none of these officers have been disciplined. They continue to serve in spite of their crimes. The shootings of James Jahar Perez and Kendra James may have been forgotten by some, but we have yet to see accountability or justice.  This must change. We deserve an explanation from our council and some discipline and more responsible leadership in our Police Bureau.   

Police accountability matters. But in Portland, Oregon, responsible officers who try to protect and serve the community are too-often betrayed by rogue cops who are more interested in protecting and serving themselves than in doing the jobs they were hired to do.

"Community members aren't the only ones who have little faith in the Portland Police Bureau's discipline system.

More than half, or 62 percent, of Portland police officers surveyed in the spring believe the bureau's discipline process is unfair. A majority - or 86 percent -- don't believe the bureau holds officers accountable when they're doing a consistently poor job.

...Nearly half of officers who responded, or 47 percent, said they felt the bureau's use-of-force policy was difficult to understand.

"If officers do not understand the policy there is a greater risk that they might violate the policy without even knowing it,'' the report said. "Officers must be able to understand the policy to consistently adhere to it.''

Above, Aaron & James

Above Keaton and Kendra

Top 25 Settlements: Portland Police Incidents settled 1993-2012 totaling roughly $8.1 million***
Note: Some amounts are settlements, other are jury awards or judgments

      Name                                                                 Amount          Date settled     Incident date         Brief notes

  1. Family of James Chasse, Jr.*                         $1,600,000.00          7/28/10           9/17/06          Use of force (leading to death)
  2. Family of Aaron Campbell*+                       $1,200,000.00           2/1/12         1/29/10            Shooting (died)
  3. Protestors August 2002&May 2003              $845,000.00          12/1/04          8/22/02          Use of force (pepper spray)
  4. Family of Damon Lowery                                 $600,000.00          6/25/05          12/5/99          Use of force (leading to death)
  5. Family of Raymond Gwerder                          $500,000.00          11/14/07          11/4/05          Shooting (died)
  6. Barbara& Ted Vickers, Estate of Dickie Dow       $380,000.00          3/27/02          10/19/98          Wrongful death/Dickie Dow
  7. Family of James Jahar Perez*                          $350,359.00           9/3/08           3/28/04          Shooting (died)
  8. Daniel Thomas**                                             $311,000.00    3/14/08&9/28/04    7/11/03          Use of force
  9. Dan Halsted*+                                               $206,372.70 (jury)     3/14/12           6/17/08          Use of force (Taser)
  10. Bruce Browne                                                  $200,895.00          4/1/03              7/11/01          Shooting (lived)
  11. Family of Dennis Young*                              $200,000.00           10/8/08           1/4/06          Shooting (died)
  12. Maria-Janeth Rodriguez-Sanchez                    $177,161.41    12/2/05&8/3/05     4/8/03          Use of force
  13. Harold Hammick, Ri'Chard Booth & Alex Clay*       $175,000.00 (jury)     9/23/09     3/17/07           Mistreatment (pointing guns and more)
  14. Family of Peter Gilbaugh*                                $150,000.00          10/1/02          12/31/98          Shooting (died)
  15. Barbara Weich                                                    $150,000.00          1/2/08             5/29/05          Use of force (broken arm)
  16. Eunice Crowder                                                  $145,000.00          4/23/04          6/9/03          Use of force (including Taser)
  17. Chaz Miller                                                       $133,926.06         6/21/06          4/21/03          Use of Force/wrong person arrested
  18. Gerald Gratton                                                  $118,000.00          4/4/94          7/19/93          Shooting (lived)
  19. Two women victims of Ofcr John Wood*       $105,000.00           2/25/09           7/21/06          Use of force (broken arm)
  20. Ivory Spann                                                        $100,056.79              4/7/97          6/6/93          Force/Baton hits
  21. Family of Duane Anthony Shaw                        $100,000.00          10/25/95          9/14/93          Shooting (died)
  22. Johnny Senteno                                                   $96,975.23          12/30/94          8/21/93          Use of force/Arm broken by projectile
  23. Janice M Aichele (deceased)                                 $90,000.00          11/7/96          10/6/94          Off-duty shooting (murder/suicide)
  24. Heather Bissell                                                    $88,385.83    9/23/05&8/17/05     4/30/03          Use of force/arrest
  25. Dalebert V Acelar and 3 others                           $87,000.00          6/16/99          10/17/97          Unlawful search/detention

     Total                                               $8,110,132.02

Copwatch - a project of Peace and Justice Works

"sloppy police work" or murder....

Mark Chasse, brother of James Chasse, Jr.: "The police's power to use deadly force against its citizens is an awesome power and should carry an enormous responsibility. In Portland, however, the police still do not even receive employment reviews, much less any other real oversight. I am saddened but not completely surprised that the Portland Police have continued to fight against any responsibility for what they did to my brother, this arbitration being only the most recent example. Apparently, two weeks' leave was too severe of a punishment for beating my brother to death and ensuring that he did not get proper medical treatment for the gruesome injuries they inflicted on him. "It is unlikely that the Portland Police will ever regain the respect of the citizens of Portland until they stop fighting all efforts at real police accountability. I hope that this longstanding Bureau/union policy will change, as it would be in everybody's interests." For more information contact Dr. LeRoy Haynes at 503-287-0261.


There is no accountability in Portland, Oregon.  Those who murdered James were cited for "bravery" and the murder they committed was ignored. These officers remained on the force in spite of multiple complaints and incidents. 

Tim Flanagan, Associate editor of The Portland Alliance

Shannon Wheeler's Too Much Coffee Man Portal at The Portland Alliance

Image result for picture or portland oregon police beating demonstrators

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