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Since about October, we’ve been putting out themed issues of the paper. We plan these out months in advance, and try to recruit writers (although sometimes last-minute) for their take on these topics. This month’s theme, health care, was chosen way back in January.
Originally, we thought we wouldn’t have enough to cover in this issue, and were going to combine it with education (now our September theme, if you’re interested), but boy were we wrong. Between the swine flu outbreak in Mexico City to Kulongoski’s health care bill to now Obama’s push to have everyone insured by 2010, there is plenty for us to discuss, so much that we haven’t been able to fit it all in.
Of course, that’s not just because we have too much to cover in too small a paper. No, we also have the same problem that we have had since this paper began, over 25 years ago, namely that we need more brilliant, incisive, intelligent, hard-hitting, independent journalits and analyists to provide Portland with the facts and insight it needs.
Sure, we have an excellent team of hard-working researchers, independent thinkers, and bright-but-fresh writers, eager to prove themselves with material every month. But we always need more. More journalists, more photographers, more proof-readers. We need more so that we can pick-and-choose the very best for you, the reader.
The truth is, not every writer has the time to donate their work to us, and not every month finds us brimming with the best journalism money can’t buy. The best way for us to overcome this problem is to receive more writing, more photographs of protests, more letters, and altogether more feedback from you, the reader. What can we do for you? We are the Portland Alliance, after all. So we’ll be looking for your submissions this Summer.
Anyway, back to health care. We have Democratic Rep. David Wu claiming that single=payer health care is a lost cause. We have the account of a person with type 2 diabetes. A discussion of Rep. Earl Blumenauer’s “efforts” on health care, and his opposition to single-payer. We have articles examining the role of competition in private halth care, the importance of birth control, the importance of preventive “health maintanence,” and the importance of a healthy (and hopefully low-meat) diets. In short, we have looked into health care and found plenty to worry about. Pleae take a look inside and see what your think.
Then write to us and tell us what you think. come to our next editorial meeting, volunteer, help us proofread or distribute the paper, subscribe, or resubscribe at a higher level. Every month our team of volunteers, writers, and editors puts hours of effort into providing you with original, evocative journalism and opinion on the most important issues of the month. We can keep doing that as long as people like yourself continue to give us a few hours of your time every month.
Won’t you join us? Thank you,



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Last Updated: May 22, 2009