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Alliance for Democracy
Portland chapter is progressive populist movement to end corp dominance of economy, society, political, environment life, advocate for democratic values, create fair equitable society. United action by the people, for the people, standing opposed to mega-corporations while envisioning and working for our shared future is the only solution. Current campaigns include education about and opposition to “Free Trade” agreements and corporate globalization; education about danger of water privatization; support campaign finance reform; support for formation of Public Utility Districts. Coalitioned with other grassroots organizations to form Local to Global Coalition working to promote a Fair Trade future. Contact: We meet the fourth Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at 112 NE 45th Ave, Portland OR 97213.

Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights
AUPHR is an association of American taxpayers united by a mutual concern for human rights in general and Palestinian human rights in particular. Our aim is to eliminate the substantial U.S. funding and discriminatory U.S. policies that directly or indirectly support the oppression and violation of human rights of Palestinian people in Israel and the Israeli occupied territories. Our tools are public education and political and legl action. See or call 503-287-1885.

Amnesty International
Amnesty International is a Nobel Prize-winning grassroots activist organization with over one million members worldwide. Amnesty International is dedicated to freeing prisoners of conscience, gaining fair trials for political prisoners, ending torture, political killings and “disappearances,” and abolishing the death penalty. Portland’s Amnesty International Chapter, Group 48, has been in existence since the 1970s. Meets on the first Friday of the month at 7:30 p.m. in the Campus Ministry Building Koinonia House on PSU campus, 633 SW Montgomery (corner of Montgomery and Broadway). For more information: 503-227-1878, or write P.O. Box 666, Portland, OR 97207-0666.

Bridgeport Community United Church of Christ
Your politics and your spiritual life can connect! We are a multicultural, multiracial community of progressive political people exploring and celebrating the Christian faith in a manner that is both intellectually engaging and spiritually nurturing. We are pragmatic and passionate, lgbt & straight, and our children are valued members. 11:00 Sunday mornings, 621 NE 76th Ave. Portland. 503-258-0992. Great music, good coffee, not boring.

Code Pink — Portland
Portland CODE PINK stages strong, playful actions to confront local and global power mongers—you may have seen and heard us with our signs and songs at anti-war rallies, on street corners and elsewhere around town. CODE PINK is a broad international movement for peace and justice led by women. The name “CODE PINK” is a play on the Bush administration’s color-coded homeland security alerts. Although we enjoy colorful antics that highlight hypocrisies in government and corporate business, we thoughtfully plan our costumes, lyrics and other high-jinks to broadcast our message effectively. We welcome individuals who seek community in standing up against economic inequality and violence. Meetings are first Tuesdays, 7 p.m., at In Other Words Bookstore, 8 NE Killingsworth, Portland, OR 97211. More information: Portland CODE PINK webpage:; Portland CODE PINK e-mail:; National CODE PINK website:

Columbia County Citizens for Human Dignity
CCCHD is a citizens group in Columbia County working to assure the basic rights and human dignity of all Oregonians. We are a progressive, volunteer-driven and volunteer-funded organization promoting inclusive democracy. Join us in our efforts to promote social and economic justice, human rights, and human dignity in Columbia County and throughout Oregon. CCCHD is a member group of the Rural Organizing Project. For more information, call 503-543-8417.

Committees of Correspondence
Committees of Correspondence is an inclusive and non-sectarian national coalition of progressive, left and socialist activists from communities, unions, the peace movement, and social interest groups, whose mission is to build unity among the left/progressive forces. We include, welcome, and fight for the interests of all people of any color, religion, gender or sexual orientation. P.O. Box 372, Albany, OR 97321. (541) 926-7070.

Community Alliance of Tenants
CAT is a grassroots, tenant-controlled tenant membership organization. We educate and organize tenants to demand affordable, stable and safe rental homes. CAT prioritizes development of low-income renters as community leaders. We organize tenants to change unjust laws and improve property management policies. Our Renter’s Rights Hotline gives tenants information about their rights. Call CAT’s Hotline at (503) 288-0130.

Environmental Justice Action Group (EJAG)
EJAG is a membership driven, community based organization that believes “The community that educates and speaks out for itself can best protect itself.” We do this through developing leadership in people of color and low income residents of North and Northeast Portland to change the power dynamic by becoming the decision makers in their own community. Our primary focus is air quality, transportation and public health issues with a particular emphasis on the high rate of asthma in our community. For more information, contact us at (503) 283-6397.

First Unitarian Church of PDX
First Unitarian Church of Portland has been a voice of liberal religion in our community for over 130 years. Our core beliefs in spiritual growth and acting for social justice are reflected in the work of the church’s Economic Justice Action Group (EJAG). EJAG, a welcoming and affirming group, is guided by its mission to raise awareness about and act to promote fair and just economic policies, life-sustaining and life-enhancing values, equal access to economic opportunities, and democratic participation in national, state, and local decisions on economic issues. We sponsor speakers and forums on current economic justice issues, lobby elected officials, collaborate with like-minded organizations, and we strive to live and act to create a fair, just, and sustainable soiety. E-mail:; Web:; Phone: Kate Lore, 503-228-6389, x44.

Flying Focus Video Collective
Flying Focus Video Collective (FFVC) is a group of activists using video as a tool for social change, voicing the voiceless. We videotape speakers, events and actions, and produce programming through cable access facilities. Ask for our catalogue of available tapes or check out the selected videos in lending libraries at Laughing Horse Books, BlackRose Collective Bookstore, or Small A Projects. Contact: 3439 NE Sandy Bv. PMB #248, Portland, OR 97232; 503-239-7456 or 503-321-5051 (showtimes/voicemail); email; web

Freedom Socialist Party
Socialist feminist party wants more members! Help create a revolution for full economic, political and social equality for all working people and those who are exploited and disenfranchised by capitalism. A multi-issue platform that prioritizes the equality of women, people of color, sexual minorities, disabled people, elderly and youth is key. Our heritage stems from Trotsky and the Bolsheviks. Please visit our bookstore at 819 N. Killingsworth, Portland, OR 97217. Phone for an appointment at 503-240-4462. Visit our website at or e-mail us at

Gray Panthers
The Gray Panthers of Portland is a gathering of mostly older activists who welcome people of all ages to join us in our work for human liberation and social justice. 1020 SW Taylor, Suite 610, Portland, OR 97205. For time and place of meetings call 224-1585.

In Other Words: Women’s Books and Resources
A non-profit organization with a comprehensive collection of women’s writing, women-positive videos, magazines and gifts. Free information about women’s organizations, activities and networking. A monthly events calendar. Space for dialogue and debate about the complex issues facing women today. Contact us about volunteer opportunities. 8 NE Killingsworth., Portland, OR 97211. 232-6003. Open seven days.

Jews for Global Justice
Jews for Global Justice: We're committed to ending oppression in all its forms. Our work spans a range of issues including opposing the US bombing of Afghanistan, combating racism and religious persecution, and supporting the struggle for workers’ rights and economic justice. We build bridges between targeted communities and the Jewish community. We call for an immediate end to Israel's military occupation of Palestine. The repression of the occupation, the mass detentions, torture, executions, and collective punishments, are in direct opposition to our Jewish values. We mourn the deaths of civilians on both sides. Contact: (503) 299-4772.

Jobs with Justice
A coalition of labor and community organizations defending workers’ rights. Members pledge to be there at least five times a year for someone else’s fight—on picket lines, marches, rallies or hearings. We defend civil rights and the struggles of exploited workers and their communities, especially people of color, immigrants and women. Our offices are in the AFSCME Council 75 building, 6025 E. Burnside, Portland, OR 97215. 503 -236-5573,

Laughing Horse Books & Video
An all-volunteer, collectively run radical bookstore and resource center. In addition to books, periodicals, buttons, stickers, tapes and other activist tools, we have a lending library, and sponsor events ranging from politics and music to book signings and poetry readings. Currently not wheelchair accessible. 12 NE 10th Ave., Portland, OR 97214; 236-2893.

Metanoia Peace Community
Following Jesus’ way of revolutionary non-violence and life-in-community, the people of Metanoia seek first the “kin-dom” of God as a radical alternative to the ways of the dominant culture. Gay friendly. Phone the 18th Ave. Peace House, 503-281-3697, for information about frequent gatherings to which newcomers and visitors are invited. See our website at

Military Families Speak Out
Family member in the? Against the war? Military Families Speak Out offers a support group the first Saturday of each month in Wilsonville. 503-232-8104.

Money Is Not Democracy
Statewide group working on Campaign Finance Reform. Oregon 1 of 6 states with no limits on contributions to political campaigns. This Initiative establishes enforceable limits on political contributions and expenditures in Oregon for the first time. Bans contributions by corporations. Volunteers needed to get this Initiative on the ballot in 2006. Visit our website at or call 503.230.1948 in Portland or 888.830.1948.

NW Resistance Against Genetic Engineering
Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering (NW RAGE) is a non-violent, grassroots community organization dedicated to promoting a responsible, sustainable and just use of agriculture and science. We work to prevent the intrusion of genetic engineering into our food, our bodies, and our ecosystems, through education, agitation, community building, advocacy and action. Get activated: meetings are every 2nd Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. at 3347 SE Belmont St., Portland. Contact us: POB 15289 Portland, OR. 97293. Phone: 503-239-6841, or contact us by e-mail:

NW Vegetarian Education and Empowerment Group
Northwest VEG is active in the Portland and Vancouver area. The mission is to educate and empower people to make vegetarian choices for a healthy, sustainable, and compassionate world. Reducing consumption of animal products leads to better health, reduced impact on the forests and streams, and kinder treatment of animals. The group holds potlucks with educational programs every month, alternating between the west side and the east side of the Portland area. In addition, the group organizes dine-outs, and coordinates several other events throughout the year. Volunteers are always appreciated. Visit our Web site at:, send e-mail to:, or leave message at: (503) 224-7380.

Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc.
OTI is dedicated to promoting the success of women in the building, construction, mechanical, and utility trades through education, leadership and mentorship. Founded in 1989, OTI offers 3 core programs and services: Trades Offer Girls Options (TO GO) encourages middle- and high school-aged girls to learn about options for trades careers; Pathways to Success recruits, trains, places and retains women in trades careers through its free Trades and Apprenticeship Career Class, a state-certified pre-apprenticeship program; and Tradeswomen Organized for Outreach, Leadership, and Support (TOOLS) supports and builds leadership with women already in the trades and provides technical assistance to help employers, apprenticeship programs and government agencies achieve a diverse trades workforce. OTI is a membership-based organization and holds quarterly networking and support meetings for members. For more information contact: Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc., 1714 NE Alberta St., Portland, OR 97211, (503) 335-8200 or visit

Oregonians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty
The death penalty does not prevent crime and should be abolished. Oregon has penalties that provide alternatives to state killing so the death penalty is not needed. The death penalty is costly, innocent people are sentenced to death — and sometimes executed, and is given disproportionately to the poor and minorities. OADP promotes research, education, and discussion of issues relating to the death penalty. For information on the death penalty in Oregon and nationally, to find out about meetings and events go to or e-mail or write to P.O. Box 361, Portland, OR 97207.

Pacific Green Party of Oregon
Despite omnipresent cynicism, political activity is required of the responsible citizen. War has a long history, but that does not relieve us of the obligation to seek to end it. We call upon all those interested in genuine social justice, non-violence, and democracy in public life to join us in a political movement to bring these aims to reality. Let us work together for universal health care, sustainable economic activity, and the abolition of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons. Let us strive to act in harmony with the entire human family. Weekly meetings each Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the Bipartisan Cafe, 7901 SE Stark St.

Peace and Justice Works/ Portland Copwatch
Peace and Justice Works (PJW) has been actively educating and demonstrating for peace since 1992. PJW promotes non-violent conflict resolution on local, national and international levels. Iraq Affinity Group, addressing the U.S. invasion/occupation, meets monthly, usually second Tuesdays. Portland Copwatch, focusing on police accountability, usually meets first Mondays. Other issues include former Yugoslovia, School of the Americas. General meetings 3-4 time a year. Contact: PO Box 42456, Portland, OR 97242; 503-236-3065. Copwatch incident report line: 503-321-5120; e-mail,; web

Polyamory Circle
Polyamory Circle is an informal gathering focusing on extended families, inclusive relationships and intentional community. Everyone is welcome to participate in our discussions. Meets 3rd Monday each month 7:30p call Laury 285-4848 for location+info.

Portland Central America Solidarity Committee
PCASC formed in 1979 and is the oldest Latin American solidarity organization in Oregon. We mobilize opposition to U.S. military and economic intervention in Latin America and Mexico, and support cross-border struggles for peace, justice and self-determination. In Oregon, PCASC advocates for workers and immigrant rights and educates the Portland community about the economic and political impact of U.S. policies upon Latin Americans, Mexicans and the U.S. Through the Cross Border Labor Organizing Council (CBLOC), we build solidarity between workers in Portland and Latin America. 311 N. Ivy St., Portland, OR 97227. 503-236-7916. E-mail:

Portland Chapter of OWL
Midlife and older women working locally and nationally to improve the status of ALL women as they grow older: income and health security, affordable housing, ending discrimination and violence against women. Open to all women desiring these goals. Don’t wait for retirement, it may be too late. Come and join us, call 503-721-0848. National OWL Website:

Portland Community Media
PCM is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote broad participation in civic and cultural life by encouraging effective use and understanding of community media. We teach affordable classes in digital television and multimedia production, and program daily for cable television channels 11, 21, 22, 23, 29 and CityNet 30. Check our website for more information! 2766 NE MLK Jr. Blvd., Portland, OR 97212; 503-288-1515;

Psychologists for Social Responsibility
Psychologists for Social Responsibility ( is an organization whose mission is to use psychological knowledge and skills to promote peace with social justice at the community, national, and international levels. Portland-area psychologists and counselors have recently formed a PsySR affiliated group. Our goal is to address issues connecting poverty, mental health, and human rights. This group meets monthly to plan projects, develop resources, and discuss relevant issues. For more information and meeting times, please write

Portland Indymedia
Indymedia is a tool for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of truth. As the local Independent Media Center of a global network, portland indymedia is a decentralized movement of autonomous working groups and individuals contributing to various projects, including video, radio, television, the web and print. The website features open publishing, empowering anyone to post their own text, images, audio and video directly to a newswire without approval or editing. Corporate media is a disease. Indymedia is the cure. e-mail: or

Portland IWW
A democratic, self-organizing labor union committed to direct action and struggle to bring about a better world. We welcome all those who wish to organize with the rest of the working class for mutual aid and collective bargaining. Call 503-231-5488, e-mail, or drop by our office in Liberty Hall, 311 N. Ivy.

Prananda Yoga & Arts Center
Yoga isn’t about sticking your foot in your ear. It starts where you are right now. Four levels of yoga are offered at PRANANDA (7 days a week), making it accessible to everyone and every body type. Yoga moves the body/mind/spirit in such a way that all three function better for a more enhanced life. The postures increase strength and flexibility. Meditation allows you to let go of the stressful and distracting thoughts of daily living. The breath allows us to breathe in that life force all around us that we need to thrive and glow as human beings. We’re located in North Portland (Kenton neighborhood) by the big Paul Bunyan statue. 1920 N. Kilpatrick St. 503-249-3903 or

PSU Progressive Student Union
PSU Progressive Student Union works with PSU Progressive Alumni Association to support social justice boycotts for Florida farm workers against Taco Bell, for Colombian union workers against Coca Cola, and anti-imperialist, anti-war organizing. PSU is the only 4-year college in Oregon with Taco Bell in the cafeteria. Farm workers make about $7,000 per year. PSU president Dan Bernstine makes $170,000 per year but has refused to meet with activist students. PSU-PSU actively fought three rigged ASPSU elections in 2003-04, including the “branding” of PSU campus by the still-in-power Republicans and their festooning campus with their “branded” campaign against the Left/multicultural groups. Student Republicans at PSU continue to control $8,000,000 in student fees annually. Contact: e-mail: or phone: 503/471-7798.

Radical Women
A socialist feminist multi-issue organization that trains women to be leaders in the struggle to replace capitalism with socialism in order to achieve full equality for everyone. Our leadership—as women of color, workers, unionists and lesbians—is pivotal. We believe in the power of the working class. Monthly meetings every second Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. 819 N. Killingsworth, Portland, OR 97217. Phone: 503-240-4462, Fax: 503-240-4463, E-mail: Website:

Socialist Party of Oregon
A progressive party working for across-the-board democracy — political, social and economic. For over 100 years we’ve advocated much of what’s best in America. We support ballot access for all parties; campaign finance reform; civil rights (Socialists helped found the NAACP and the ACLU); a humane foreign policy; environmental and consumer protection; general welfare, not corporate welfare; tax fairness; people over profits (consumer co-ops and credit unions); Social Security (“first advocated” by the Socialist Party); universal health insurance (socialists in Saskatchewan launched Canada’s single-payer national health program). REGISTER, VOTE, VOLUNTEER SOCIALIST. For info write P.O. Box 5633, Portland, OR 97228, or phone 503-241-8217, 503-227-3970, 503-289-3511, or 503-636-4150; info at

A socialist-feminist organization standing for workers’ democracy and international solidarity. We are revolutionary, in that we regard capitalism as both a human and environmental disaster — unredeemable by reformist politics. We are committed to a creative rethinking of socialism and are engaged in struggles against racism, sexism, and homophobia. Local members include environmental, child care, reproductive rights, labor, and KBOO activists. Call 503-234-2306.

The Sunrise Foundation
The Sunrise Foundation is dedicated toward working to improve the working knowledge we all have concerning our national, and international currencies. Through this effort we hope to foment a popular movement geared to create the needed reforms in this critical infrastructure. We believe our success in this endeavor will be a major factor in determining the timely success or failure of needed progressive efforts. Visit us at or contact us at or 503-713-8872.

Organizers of the Annual AWBC, going into its third year, invite you to join SURGE! S.U.R.G.E. = Social Uprising, Resistance and Grassroots Encouragement! It is the first international activist film festival which is not only an annual film festival, but also is a network which enables people worldwide to bring the festival into their area of the world! SURGE promotes activism through Film, Music and Visual Arts. Why submit your film to one film festival, when you can submit it to SURGE and have it shown worldwide and shown on websites continuously? Even entries not included in the festival get published in our annual International SURGE directory. Why should you let corporate corruption thrive without being exposed, when you can pick up a camera and videotape it? Yes, anonymous entries are accepted as we encourage whistleblowers to expose injustice! Blog community at and main website at

Sustainable Business Network of Portland
We are a group of business people dedicated to creating a local, vibrant and sustainable business community here in Portland. Founded in 2003, we are a new and independent networking group working to promote and support each other and the local business community. We have a networking and educational breakfast meeting every other Tuesday morning at Old Wives Tales. We have other events as well. Visit for our current schedule. We are also the force behind the “Think Local First” and “Keep the Green in Portland” campaigns. For more info or to join, visit Now unplug from that corporate supplier, go out and support your favorite LOCALLY OWNED business!

Technocracy, Inc.
Technocracy originated in 1918-1919 when Howard Scott formed a group of scientists, engineers, and economists. Technocracy is a social design for living engineered for the distribution of an abundance to all citizens from birth to death. For more information, call 503-283-9517 or visit the technocracy web- (continental site).

Voter Power Foundation
Marijuana is Safe and Effective Medicine. Voter Power holds weekly clinics helping people qualify for Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Law (OMMA). Voter Power is a group of activists who have fought for and won: both on Measure 67 (Oregon Medical Marijuana Act) and Measure 57 which stopped the legislature’s attempt to recriminalize simple marijuana possession in 1998. Get up, stand up, and act up today. We currently need volunteers to circulate the petition for OMMA2 creating licensed dispensaries in Oregon where medical marijuana may be safely purchased. Call 503-224-3051 or visit us online at

Veterans for Peace Ch. 72
Having defended this nation, we believe that national security comes only through peace and justice at home and abroad. Chapter activities include counter-recruiting in the schools, supporting landmine removal programs, and organizing, sponsoring, and participating in anti-war efforts. Our speakers offer their experiences so that others might better understand the true costs of war. We can help returned veterans come to terms with their experiences, because they are us. Veterans, and friends and family of veterans, are welcome to join us on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Friends Meeting House at 4312 SE Stark St. For more information call 503-282-5015, or see, or see the website of our national office www.veteransfor

War Resisters League PDX Chapter
As conscientious objectors to war, we promote alternatives to militarism and military service. The Military & Draft Counseling Project provides draft counseling, counter-recruitment organizing, and civilian advocacy for military personnel and those considering enlistment. The Oregon Community for War Tax Resistance provides information and support for persons conscientiously refusing to pay for war, and we publicly redirect refused tax dollars to local service organizations. We also promote Peace Tax Fund legislation, through lobbying and public speaking, to provide a legal alternative for war tax objectors. 2000 NE 42nd Ave., Suite 224, Portland, OR 97213. 503-238-0605.

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) has been working since 1915 to unite women in all countries who oppose war, exploitation, and oppression. The Portland WILPF branch holds public meetings addressing peace and justice related issues. The monthly newsletter can be received free upon request. We’ve moved!! New contact info: 1034 SW 13th, Portland 97205 503.595.9390,



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