Vol. XXVIII, Issue 5
The Portland Alliance
June 2008

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June 2008

Violence may end if U.S. leaves

Little justice for homeless in Portland

May Day worker walkouts protest war in Iraq

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In Other News

-Pipeline threatens old-growth forests

-Police Review Board head faces objectivity challenges

Active Community

-Home Again needs stronger foundation

Arts and Entertainment

-Garden realities: Nature always wins

-Lose your self in Miracles 'Labyrinth'

Viewpoints & Commentary

-A vote for race is more of the same

-Marriage is equality, not gender

July 2007

Oregon resists: Civil disobedience rising statewide

June 2007

Resist! A time for
civil disobedience

February 2007

"Surge Protectors" lock down to Federal Building

Dark clouds gather before the storm

Oregon Democrats win big, but what will they do?

Seek the Truth: What does Black History Month mean?

Ground View: Earthworms: Enhancing Garden Soil, Part 1

The War Within: Soldiers - you've got to love them


Books: Women's Voices: Margaret Cho stays to fight

December January

Election 2006: Poll watching in Miami-Dade

Hitting the property tax jackpot

Oaxaca comes to Portland: Fighting for Justice at the doors of the Mexican Consulate

Prison privatizers bag big bucks off the misery of migrants

MRG celebrates 30 years funding social change


Seek the Truth: Bias dampens holiday spirits

Viewpoint: Portland: The most liberal racist city in the U.S.

Review: Bitch Magazine: Covering popular culture through women's eyes

The War Within: Sustainable Resistance: Rage, rage againstthe dying of the light*

Viewpoint: Don't get fooled again by the Democrats

Books: Tis the season...Books make great gifts

September 2006

Greens join locals in opposing LNG facilities

The illusion of victory: The real story in Afghanistan

Seeing war with eyes wide open

Tribes demand Pacificorp remove dams

Union turns to airwaves to reach farmworkers


Seek the Truth: Diversity goals fall short on Black hearts

Ground View:Nitrogen: It's Elemental, My Dear, Part III

The War Within : Would you let someone give your money away?

Bookreview: Jeffrey Smith: Exploring modified food's dark side

August 2006

Election 2006: Who owns Oregon's elections?

Lebanon: It is about dominance

Clothesline Project: Crossing all the boundaries

Regina Birchman: Leading WILPF in quest for peace

Union-backed political party wins official ballot status in Oregon

Ground View :Nitrogen: It's elemental, my dear part 2

Book Review: Stories of corporate gangs and brave women

The War Within : Beyond same-sex marriage: Sustainable families for all

Viewpoint: Life, death and perspective: Re-connecting the dots of the nuclear age

July 2006

Soldiers of conscience

Suzanne Swift

Ehren Watada

DeFazio draws student pickets for immigration vote

A community look at racial profiling in Portland

Election 2006: Are Oregon's elections accurate?


Ground View :Nitrogen: It's elemental, my dear

Book Review: Chilling journey into new strategies of state repression

Viewpoint: Hey, progressives! Cathouse got your tongue?

Viewpoint: Queer politics: Local and sustainable?

June 2006

Recruiters go high-tech to meet wartime quotas

Stats show driving black still a problem

Reading the vote: Elections reflect social movements

Keating's Green campaign for governor heats up

Mayor hits FBI on effort to plant City Hall mole

Interview:Turn of the imperialist screw

Film Review: Our Brand is Crisis: Exporting spin democracy

Viewpoint: Early treatment of high blood

Viewpoint: The line item veto and the Bridge to Nowhere

May 2006

Will Oregon see a general strike on May Day?

Three Left landmarks uprooted by gentrification

Where, oh where, is the Pacific Green Party?

Domestic terror focus of local Guild discussion

Humanists of Greater Portland: A sense of community

Book Review: A Man without a Country: a barometric read

Commentary: The time for corporate accountability is now

Viewpoint: A health plan proposal for all Oregonians

Viewpoint: Immigration linked to poor U.S. economic policies

April 2006

Tough immigration bill provokes ire and indignation

Portland at crossroads of human trafficking

M19: 15,000 say out of Iraq now!
Iraq women join Americans in peace

Sierra Club backs campaign finance reform

Fighting neoliberalism and poverty for 30 years

Book Review:Fearless shamus Warshawski returns to Chicago

Commentary: Custom against women: The culture struggle

Viewpoint: Language to open hearts and minds

Ground View: Is the moss growing on ya?

March 2006

Are your papers all in order?

New changes bring charges of racism

Portland's only voter-owned candidate talks

Choosing a harmless way to eat

Book Review:Veteran author tackles post-Civil War era: Fictional and real women fight for their rights

Commentary: America opens up Tortures R Us for business

Viewpoint: Women who made a difference

Movie: Images of a city torn by storm and politics

February 2006

Desperately seeking defense dollars procurement fair

Local activist brings home peace conference news

Eight city council candidates pursue public dollars

City's wireless internet plan raises questions

Book Review: Citizen Hobo

Commentary: Anti-immigration groups hide real agendas

Viewpoint: Peak Oil: Is it really a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Seek the Truth: Richard Pryor crafted newly found truth, not punchlines

January 2006

Is coastal dead zone global warming alarm?

Portlanders meet to learn, plan and prepare for peak oil

The push is on to legalize Ibogaine treatement

Housing prices rise faster than family income

James Yee: an unlikely enemy of the state

Book Review: Satrapi's autobiography is good introduction for Embroideries

Theatre: Life without danger emptier than life without love

Viewpoint: Blacks still inmates of America's past?

The war within: Celebrating the strength to love

December 2005

The Future: Biologically controlled soldiers?

Peace groups gather to take stock and look ahead

Farm offering children nature experience may end

Portland joins national los Ricos Benefit

Vietnam: Lessons of forgiveness and hope

Book Review: A simple testement to human spirit

NW Women's Journal cleary slants towards progressive

Viewpoint:Jail reform groups tackle re-entry

Shades of Green: Why I am running for governor

November 2005

Depleted uranium beyond inhumane

How well do "drug-free" zones really work?

"Week of action" latest tough times for Wal-Mart

Book Review: Muse comes to kitchen like lightening

Ground View:Second chances in the garden

Viewpoint:Looking back on social change

A few words from the editor

October 2005

Veterans launch depleted uranium bill

Baptist seminary faces “corruption” charges

Hospital workers take on Legacy Emanuel

Portland radio nears monopoly

International youth see changes in Venezuela first hand

Book Review: Blackwater: security services or war dogs

Ground View:Summer confessions and garden lessons

Viewpoint:Racism: If you have to ask, you'll never know

A few words from the editor

September 2005

Sisters challenge No Child Left Behind Act

Trouble down on the "farm"

Dulling the sharp sting of acupuncture costs

Wal-Mart opposition continues to grow

Book Review: Lesbian Pulp Fiction: More than just hot sex

Movie:Mad Cowboy details factory farming conditions

Viewpoint:Contempt breeds contempt

A few words from the editor


Who is getting rich when Oregonians get sick?

Union women demand Wal-Mart stop sex Discrimination

The Kendra James trial: Was justice served?

Activists take on sexual assult within movement

Fake farewell party calls for Arroyo to step down

Activists protest Wyden's stand on CAFTA

Veterans not getting health care they deserve

PSU student senate endorses Coke-Odwalla boycott

MRG announces first Peace Fund grantees

Women's crisis line celebrates third decade

Coloring the News
What is race reportage doing to public attitudes (Part 3 of a 3 part story)

Living on the inside of occupiers' contradictions


Book Review:The big business of elections

Book: The Bonus Army: An angry GI Joe goes to Washington

Film: Vancouver Unitarians offer progressive films

Left side of the Aisle: Matinees on hot summer days and moonlit screenings on hotel ceilings

Ground View: Colors for the discriminating

Viewpoint:That's Italian? Mass media stereotypy

Shared sacrifices for the budgetary mess

Verdict in women's death prove no answers to public shootings

Returning to the scene of the crime

Ask two lefties: Payback time for freeloading boyfriend

Norman Solomon: Terrorism, "the War on Terror" and the message of carnage


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