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Anti-War Spring Action 2018:  Takin' it to the Streets!
Shut down unprovoked American aggression
Invest in peace, people and planet Earth,

The Department of Justice cleared Darren Wilson
of all charges in the killing of Michael Brown. 

Protests at US Attorney offices around the country are encouraged Prosecutors cannot disprove that the officer who shot Michael Brown "feared for his safety.”

The Department of Justice has cleared Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., of committing civil rights violations in the August confrontation that sparked sometimes violent local and national protests.

more info:

University of Oregon commits frightening abuse of power in rape victim case

When a University of Oregon rape survivor sued the school earlier this year for bungling her case,
campus officials dug into the student's confidential therapy records in order to counter her claim.
It's a total invasion of privacy that also appears to be legal, writes attorney and social justice advocate
Katie Rose Guest Pryal.

more info:  

Postal Service shows 1.1 billion dollar surplus,

yet cuts and closures slated

 The US Postal Service continues to turn a profit for three years in a row, releasing numbers last Friday showing a
$1.1 billion surplus for the first quarter of fiscal year 2015 and an increase to $7 billion in available cash. 

The CFO called it “a fantastic quarter.”

This is great news for Americans throughout the country and for the millions of businesses that rely on a strong Postal Service.

The continuing rise in both letter and package revenue—and now even in overall mail volume—is leading to growing revenue.
This is a time to strengthen—not degrade—the now-profitable networks.

Nevertheless, massive cuts and closures of post offices and mail processing plants continue. 
As of Feb. 6th, the USPS POS plan has eliminated 13,000 full-time postmaster jobs in the past two years,
as a result of cuts of 25% to 75% in hours of service at half our rural post offices. 
Tens of thousands of mail processing jobs have also gone away as 141 plants were “consolidated,” resulting in mail delays.

get the rest of the story here:

Support the Alliance!

This is a volunteer gig. I’m a broad-based community organizer. I hope readers will understand our leadership team intends to be inclusive and coalitional. We’ll recruit mindful of folks’ passions.  Whether it’s fair wages, climate justice, immigration reform, campaign finance restructuring, or concerns over New Jim Crow’s school-to-prison pipelines that has turned out thousands to hear my sister Michelle Alexander. The Portland Chapter seeks influence it hasn’t had in a while. To do that, we’re going to need all hands on deck.

JoAnn Hardesty, new NAACP presidentJoAnn Hardesty gears up to galvanize
some new energy into the Portland
chapter of the NAACP, now it its
101st year of operation. One of her first moves to rebuild the organization is to recruit 101 new members in commemoration of the renowned organization’s tenure.

                           Photo provided by Joann Hardesty

see more of the story and part of the inteview:

Teen Girl Fatally Shot by Cops at Texas Police Station

Kristiana-Coignard-mystery-teen-killed-by-police.jpg-665x385A teen girl in Longview, Texas, was fatally shot by police officers
last Thursday after showing up at the Longview Police Department.

In interviews and official statements, the department has been vague
about what kind of weapon Kristiana Coignard, 17, was carrying
—a news release from LPD is titled “Longview Police
Identify the Suspect in January 23rd Shooting,” giving the
impression our suspect/victim was wielding a gun herself.
But Longview Mayor Jay Dean saidhe was told that Coignard was carrying a knife.

Here the rest of the story:

Revolutionary Communists in the US of A


It is difficult to believe today, even for someone like me who was there, that a substantial Marxist movement existed
in the United States forty years ago. It is even harder to believe that this movement was seriously engaged
in the process of fomenting revolution  —building a vanguard party and writing programs for that party.

read the rest of the story:  NW Alliance Portal: to Counterpunch

The rise of the #BlackLivesMatter movement
Chicagoans take the streets to declare that Black Lives Matter

The inspiring resistance in the streets of Ferguson has gone national since last August. In a document written for discussion--and finished before the shootings of two NYPD offers faced activists with a right-wing backlash--Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor explains the background for this upsurge and analyzes the movement that has taken new shape over the last months of the year. Here, we print excerpts from that document, edited for general publication.

Chicagoans take the streets to declare that Black Lives Matter

A MOVEMENT has erupted against police brutality and shaken U.S. society to its core.
checkout the rest of the story here:

It’s Not Just the Cops

Public defenders know that the trouble with our justice system extends far beyond abusive policing


by Jonathan Rapping

Picture by (Flickr/Krystian Olszanski)

One has to admire the way we, as a country, have paid tribute to the lives of Rafael Ramos and Wenijan Liu, the two New York police officers shot to death while sitting in their police cruiser. We have rallied to support their families across ideological lines, demanding that they be remembered with dignity and honor.

But, juxtaposed against continued protests over police mistreatment of black men, they also help to highlight the fact that other lives are not valued at all.

Michael Brown was left dead in the street for four hours after being shot by a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer. Eric Garner lay dying on a sidewalk after being choked in Staten Island, surrounded by the NYPD police officers who exhibited no sense of urgency to help him. Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old boy, was playing with a toy gun when he was shot dead less than two minutes after being confronted by a Cleveland police officer.

Rather than unifying in similar grief over these deaths, news outlets helped to justify the killings by dehumanizing the victims

read more:

223 Arrested as Protesters, Police Clash
in New York City Over Eric Garner Decision

New York City Police arrested 223 people in overnight protests, the second consecutive night of demonstrations in opposition to a grand jury’s decision not to indict officers in the choke hold death of Staten Island man Eric Garner.

Many of the arrests involved charges for disorderly conduct or refusal to clear the streets, authorities told ABC News.

the rest of the story:

City of Portland Notification Service Portal  at the NW Alliance: 

 40 Years In 40 Days: Moments that made Portland
From work by Willamette Week Staff, November 5, 2014 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Homeless dragged down by belongings, as cities view keepsakes ‘trash’ (Renee Lewis in AlJazeera America, November 7, 2014)
Portland Mayor Charlie Hales favors out-of-state team to monitor police reforms (Maxine Bernstein in The Oregonian, November 7, 2014)

Alliance Art Portal in Portland, Oregon...

The People's Art of Portland
700 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 4005, Portland, Oregon 97204   Why is the US Bombing Iraq and Syria?

 An Alliance Portal for Street Roots

"So "we" are decreasing our goals for affordable housing in South Waterfront, we've changed the guidelines
for developers in the River District (which will lead to less affordable housing) and we have no affordable housing
incentives for developers currently scheduled to build tens of thousands of new market rate units in Portland. 

Housing got the smack-down on short-term rentals and we were told not to ask for anything in the fall budget bump. 
But yes, friends, we are going to end veterans' homelessness relying on a market that has historically

shut us out."  see more at:

$15 Minimum Wage... Now!....!

"We the people are ordered
to constantly walk or we're
threatened with arrest
during the mike brown protests! 

It's the same unlawful order day after day!

No rights of assembly for anyone in the new
constitution being written in the streets of Ferguson! 
She will not comply!

"Climate change will significantly affect the sustainability of water supplies in the coming decades.
As parts of the country get drier, the amount of water available and its quality will likely decrease
- impacting people's health and food supplies."

Dennis Kucinich On Gaza Massacre

By Dennis Kucinich | Published: July 30, 2014

Timeline Photos by Dennis Kucinich

This image best desTimeline Photos by Dennis Kucinichcribes what is happening in Gaza.
Gaza is the world’s largest open-air prison. Even calling
the action against Palestinians in Gaza a war seems
lacking in description.

A war implies some equality in combat.

What is happening in Gaza is a massacre by one of the world’s
most powerful armies, abetted by the silence of western nations.

Fortunately people are beginning to speak out worldwide.
But as we speak out, let us do so without condemning a people
in whose name a government may act.

We must distinguish between governments and the people who are governed.

We must reconnect with each other’s humanity.

The plight of the Palestinian people is ultimately the plight of the entire world, locked into endless conflicts
which make no sense, which could be avoided, which constitute an enormous abuse of power and which bring
the slaughter of innocents.

Let our hearts be moved by the desire to end war once and for aDennis Kucinich On Gaza Massacrell. ~ Dennis Kucinich

Please help spread the word.

Iraq Deaths EstimatorWhy War Is Not Inevitable

By David Swanson

Missoula Magic  Music, Writing & Creative Arts  "The Cutting Edge of Social Change"

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