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Whats up with the ARTS?

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On Sunday, June 14,
12 Social Practice and Masters of Fine Arts students from PSU
displayed their final projects in North Portland’s Disjecta space.
The works ranged from paintings with so much detail they looked like photographs, to a series of Pepsi sculptures, to a book designed and edited about Dave’s Killer Bread creator Dave Dahl for nationwide correctional facilities. A mixed media piece displayed found objects with a map of their location; a collaborative effort produced a home-brewed beer complete with labels, coasters, and mugs; a constructed and padded hanging “blurred concentration” chamber played with the notion of public and private space; and a peddler of backscratchers in SE Portland evoked the makings of the Backscratcher Museum, a growing collection of backscratchers, real and imagined, throughout history.
The works dared you to think beyond the expected work of a gratuating art student, by Days later, also at Disjecta, Zak Smith, an artist who was educated at all the right schools, who apprenticed with modern giants and  displayed his latest work, which, over the years, after his classical training, turned to the pornography industry.

Disjecta is known as a more modern gallery that will also feature more interactive pieces, a far cry from the Pearl District’s often stuffy displays, of just traditional paintings and statues. Think of it as the difference between the Portland Art Museum’s top floor in the new wing, and the top floor in the old wing.
Spaces like Disjecta, the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center (a performance space for plays, gallery for mostly minority artists

Portland City Council approved FY10 city budget with a $4,325,300 allocation to Regional Arts & Culture Council


The massive number of creative and artistic people in Portland blew me away the first time I came to visit the city in college. And it was definitely one of the reasons that I moved here.
A Town Hall on the state of the arts in the city took place in April, attended by hundreds in downtown’s Armory theater space.
With City Hall promoting First Thursday, Alberta holding a massive Last Thursday art showcase, and the

Portland City Council approved the FY10 city budget with a $4,325,300 allocation to the Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC), including whole funding for most RACC programs. The budget, which was approved 5-0, also includes additional one-time funds for the Creative Advocacy Network to deliver a regional, sustainable dedicated funding solution for arts and culture funding; The Right Brain Initiative to support integrated arts education programs; and fulfillment of the City’s $190,000 pledge to the Artists Repertory Theatre to help pay for ADA accessibility improvements in their new theater.
For all of you who packed Portland City Council chambers, and sent post cards and emails urging City Council to pass RACC’s budget request, thank you. There is no doubt that the demonstration of support by the arts community, businesses and parents who spoke out about the importance of the arts and arts education made all the difference.

The Arts CAN and must live here.

Kathleen Curtis Cosgrove
Interim Executive Director

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