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Timothy Martin Flanagan 

Trump sold out Vets and has them in 37 unnecessary and unprovoked but expanding wars enforcing illegal corporate extraction, exploitation and extortion.
This costs lives.
Howlin' Wolf - Evil

Editor’s note: Trump and his friends have been robbing the VA blind while veterans are being bankrupted in a Trump backed scheme partnered with big pharma and his Wall Street Kosher Nostra cronies:

Three of President Trump’s cronies from his Mar-a-Lago resort, including the reclusive Marvel Entertainment Chairman Ike Perlmutter, have been quietly pulling the strings at the Department of Veterans Affairs for months, according to documents and interviews cited by ProPublica on Tuesday. Documents obtained by the news site via the Freedom of Information Act reportedly show the three men exercising unprecedented influence over the VA, including by shaping policies, making personnel decisions, and speaking with top VA officials on a daily basis. Perlmutter, a longtime Trump acquaintance, is reportedly joined by a lawyer named Marc Sherman and a Palm Beach doctor by the name of Bruce Moskowitz in leading the behind-the-scenes VA operation. None of the three men hold any government post that would explain their involvement in VA policies, nor are any a veteran. According to the report, their influence on the VA is well-known among administration officials, and some officials have traveled to Mar-a-Lago on taxpayers’ dime to speak with the men about their desires for the VA. “Everyone has to go down and kiss the ring,” a former administration official was quoted as saying.

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We could shut down the wars, bring them home and invest trillions in people, peace, planet and a survivable future.

New legislation threatens to dismantle the most successful American experiment in government-delivered health care.


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From friends of mine in Chicago, from a CPS schoolteacher at a Sunrise Movement action to this action in Chicago's loop calling to defund the police and abolish...

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Paul Goyette

on Facebook... 

I was in Chicago tonight for the #DefundPolice and #AbolishICE march that ended with some of the brightest and most compelling young organizers I've known being beaten and arrested. I witnessed police pushing, shoving, pepper spraying, kicking, and beating young people who were engaged in an entirely nonviolent protest. Much of the evening felt -- in the words of a friend -- like a hunt, in which an army of officers with helmets, shields, and batons was pushing a crowd that wanted to disperse through the streets of Chicago, sending officers on bikes to surround us at every turn. Clearly marked medics attempting to treat pepper spray victims were overrun by officers marching shoulder to shoulder, often in lockstep, to the military sounding order: "Forward, march!" Once the pursuing officers managed to split the protesters up, the group I was in was kettled against the side of a building and not allowed to disperse or move, even though there were people crying and moaning from the pepper spray. Others were thrown to the ground and beaten in an alley.

Just to be absolutely clear: I did not witness any aggressive behavior by the protesters. Over the past few years I have been in protests where there was an intent by some in the crowd to escalate. This was not one of them. Tonight was entirely nonviolent — except of course for the actions of the CPD.

Even with all the police violence though, perhaps the most troubling thing I witnessed was when I overheard the dispatcher calling for backup because the crowd was “throwing bottles and locking arms.” At that moment I was literally standing between the officers’ and protesters’ bike lines and *no such thing* was happening.

Naturally I took many photos, but apart from this one I’m not going to post them because I’m worried about how police might find a way to use them against people who were there. If you can, please consider calling to ask for the release of those who were arrested.

Veterans For Peace: No Troops to the Border!

Veterans For Peace strongly condemns the recent announcement that up to 15,000 active duty military personnel may be sent to the U.S. southern border. These troops will join the additional National Guard units that were sent last year, increasing the militarization of our borders at an alarming rate. Our immigration laws and enforcement tactics have long been at a crisis point and we are now witnessing an even more draconian surge in the use of force to prop up failed policies.

Veterans For Peace calls on all our members and all veterans who see the inhumanity and injustice of the current policies to call their Congressional Representative and Senators to demand the military be pulled back from the border and that the members of the approaching caravan be treated with dignity and processed according to international humanitarian standards as refugees. We call on all service members participating in the border deployment to follow the long American tradition of listening to their conscience and remember that they have no obligation to follow illegal orders. (For questions on military rights, contact the GI Rights Hotline or Courage to Resist)


Veterans For Peace recognizes that these orders did not happen in a vacuum, but represent a long history over several administrations of racist and violent policies that has perpetuated U.S. wars across the world and horrific domestic policies that created ICE, massive immigration detention centers and a wall that already splits towns and separates friends and families. However, the Trump administration has escalated, at an alarming pace, the implementation of new dangerous measures. President Trump is moving to fulfill on the promises of his campaign that caused an upsurge of hateful sentiment in our nation and spurred a rise in fear and anger.

Additionally, Veterans For Peace is not only concerned about the safety of individuals and families fleeing violence and the increased militarization of the border but we are extremely concerned about the continued disregard of federal law. Federal law, namely the Posse Comitatus Act, prohibits the deployment of active duty troops on domestic soil and the U.S. Government continues to ignore laws in favor of increasing militarization of U.S. domestic policy.


It is more important than ever that veterans stand up, speak out and organize to disrupt the dangerous escalation of racist and unjust policies, both at home and abroad. We, as veterans, know that peace is possible, but only if resources are directed towards caring for one another, not perpetuating militarization across the globe.

Full Story link:

Veterans For Peace completely condemns the Trump Administration's plans for a military parade later this year. We call on all people who believe in our nation's democratic ideals to stand together and say no to this outrageous pomp and circumstance parade of military personnel and hardware for no reason other than to feed a pompous ego.

With all this in mind, Veterans For Peace asks... what is the real reason for this parade? It can't be for the people in uniform. Trump has been ramping up unprovoked American  wars which have no end and continues to deplete and misuse the service members he claims to support. After more than sixteen years of war, the U.S. has sent more troops to Afghanistan, with no plans for withdrawal in sight. America is keeping a force in Syria and continuing a presence in Iraq more than fifteen years after the March 2003 invasion. Trump seems set on a conflict with Iran, although most of the world is trying toImage result for veterans for peace work through the tensions. And the U.S. has troops in at least twenty countries in Africa that no one seemed to know much about. Mainstream media in America is notoriously silent about covert and overt American wars of aggression. 

The war parade proposal is only one of the ways Trump has been preparing the country for a new war on the Korean Peninsula.
He keeps reminding us that all options are on the table. This sounds dangerous.

Veterans For Peace completely condemns the Trump Administration’s plans for a military parade later this year.
We call on all people who believe in our nation’s democratic ideals to stand together…

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Marching for Peace in November 2018 


Contact Us

Veterans For Peace
1404 North Broadway
St. Louis MO 63102

(314) 725-6005 (office)

(314) 227-1981 (fax)
Armistice Day was renamed Veterans Day following the Korean War, most likely to energize the country for upcoming conflicts and to embolden young men who were subject to the draft.
We are not attempting to ignore or discredit Veterans Day. However, we believe that Veterans Day has been seized by those who love war, profit and power; “honoring” veterans has simply become a one-day photo-op for generals, politicians, celebrities and mattress companies. We, the veterans, are the product of war. We demand peace.
The Veterans Peace March will be veteran-led. Supporters are urged to attend and march, but do so with respect to the veterans in the lead, and also respect the complete silence of the veterans as they march.
We will begin marching at 11AM, in silence, from the Washington Monument.
how-isWe will be stopping to leave remembrance poppies at the:
• WWII Memorial
• Vietnam Veterans Memorial
• Vietnam Women╩╝s Memorial
• Lincoln Memorial
• Korean War Veterans Memorial
We will then cross the Memorial Memorial Bridge to Arlington National Cemetery where we will leave a poppies at selected grave sites.
Our goal is to challenge war. We will march in silence to counter the clamor for war. The remembrance poppies are to honor the warriors (Red), the massive civilian deaths (White), and the resisters who opposed the war (Black) ... and not the war.
Please join us in Waging Peace.

We are planning an action a day ahead of the parade and a nighttime concert prior to the parade. Is this the simple of it? Our focal point will be veterans and active duty soldiers as the core element, with supporting organizations backing our effort. We formed to counter Trump's parade ... but we recommend if Trump doesn't do a parade that we continue this work to still hold a March to reclaim Armistice Day as A Day To Remember and respect our fallen brothers and sisters throughout the world, in each country, and to never forget the folly of war. "

peace2These demonstrations will take place in Washington D. C and across America. We must shut down unprovoked American
wars of aggression, secure the peace and invest in people and planet Earth.

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A Scientist Who Resisted Trump Administration Censorship of Climate Report Just Lost Her Job 
“I wouldn’t do anything different, but Jesus, this is stressful.”

Why War Is Not Inevitable

By David Swanson

If war were inevitable, there would be little point in trying to end it. If war were inevitable, a moral case might be made for trying to lessen its damage while it continued. And numerous parochial cases could be made for being prepared to win inevitable wars for this side or that side.

Developing ways to avoid generating conflicts is part of the answer, but some occurrence of conflict (or major disagreement) is inevitable, which is why we must use more effective and less destructive tools to resolve conflicts and to achieve security. But there is nothing inevitable about war. It is not made necessary by our genes, by other inevitable forces in our culture, or by crises beyond our control.

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