WHEN: October 11, 12 and 18, 19, 2014

TIMES: 10 am to 5 pm, all art studios open both weekends*
Locations all around the Portland Metro Area

TICKETS: $20 for a Full-Color Tour Guide Calendar

                $9.99 for an iPhone App and Android App
                $5.00 for a Map-Only Ticket. 

                   Each includes a ticket for two adults, children under 18 free.

WEBSITE: www.portlandopenstudios.com

INFORMATION: info@ portlandopenstudios.com

Please contact us for high-resolution images of any artist or the Full-Color Tour Guide Calendar.

What is Portland Open Studios?

Portland Open Studios offers a unique and inspiring form of experiential education: interacting with local artists at work within the context of their studios. All around metro Portland in an annual tour of studios, visitors can watch molten glass or fine porcelain stretch into a vessel, imagine a landscape moments before it is painted, learn about the mysterious process of encaustic and much more. Art lovers of all ages and walks of life can discover new materials, learn about ancient techniques, and share the wonders of creativity with friends and family. Have you always been curious about what moves an artist to work in the way that they do?  Experience creativity!


A $20 Full-Color Tour Guide Calendar (look for our new larger format), comes with images of artworks, coupons, and an opportunity to win prizes.  Included is a fold-out map with contact info and directions to the studios which is your ticket for two adults (children under 18 free).

A $9.99 iPhone or Android App includes tickets for two adults and kids under 18 (good for all 4 days), an interactive map linked to Google maps, a catalogue of artworks by all artists and contact information for all artists.

A $5.00 map-only ticket will be for sale close to the event date.

Available from participating artists, at New Seasons, Collage, Muse and I’ve Been Framed, as well as many local independent art stores listed on www.portlandopenstudios.com.

2014 Award Winners:

Kimberly Gales Scholarship for Emerging Artists Winners, for excellence in art by an artist 30 years or younger, as determined by the board: Emily Myers

Merit Award, for excellence in art, as determined by jurors: Sandra Carlson

Shelley Hershberger Memorial Service Award Winner, for excellence within our organization: Erin Leichty

The 2014 Jury:
Stephen Hayes

Susan Seubert

Courtney Gilbert

The 2014 Artists:

Suki Allen

Janet Amundson-Splidsboel

Martin Anderson

Theresa Andreas-O'Leary

Justin Auld

Rachel Austin

Roberta Aylward

Allison Baer

Christopher Bibby

Don Bishop

Tracie Broughton

Thomas Caccamo

Sandra Carlson

Shawn Christopher

Rachelle Clark

Andrew Clift

Scott Conary

Kurumi  Conley

Donna Cooper

David Cordes

Kindra Crick

Lesley Dawson Briers

Francine Deering

Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley

Mark Downing

Carolyn Drake

Poppy Dully

Amy Fields

Heather Fields

Dennis Floyd

Alison Foshee

Sarada Fuzzell

Jenn Gauer & Meghan Radick

Chantel  Greene

Carol  Greiwe

Chris Harmon

Renee Hartig

Babette  Harvey

Shyama Helin

Jeanne Henry

Michael Hensley

Sam Hingston

Karl Kaiser

Eileen Kane

Christopher Kelleher

Suzy Kitman

Joanne Radmilovich Kollman

Jimmy Krozel

Carli Kruse

Jeni  Lee

Michael Lee

Jeanne Levasseur

Betsy LeVine

Irene Lieban

Gretha  Lindwood

Richard Lishner

Jennifer Love

Angelina Marino-Heidel

Chas Martin

Anne Mavor

Faie McGuire

Judee Moonbeam

Thérèse Murdza

Emily Myers

April O'Connor

Alison O'Donoghue

Claire Oliphant

Larry Olson

Harold Oxley

William Park

Shannon Passon

Lynne Patton

Stan Peterson

Karl Ramentol

Lynn Read

Jesse Reno

Selene Robinowitz

Paul Rutz

PM Shore

Thomas Soule

Mandy Stigant

Sara Swink

Randall Tipton

Jill Torberson

Shannon Tudyk 

Bruce Ulrich

Tai Vautier

Christopher Wagner

Kitty Wallis

Stephanie Wiarda

Robyn Williams