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Mimi German is a wonder...   "Had a talk with one of our SJ church pastors about why more churches weren’t available as shelters for our SJ house-less. He said there were a few of them who were considering opening... "

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Living in America,
sometimes makes me think
I live in a luxurious concentration camp.  I can have anything I want as long as I obey certain rules.

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Who Are the Nuclear Scofflaws?


By Lawrence S. Wittner

Given all the frothing by hawkish U.S. Senators about Iran’s possible development of nuclear weapons, one might think that Iran was violating the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).


But it’s not.  The NPT, signed by 190 nations and in effect since 1970, is a treaty in which the non-nuclear nations agreed to forgo developing nuclear weapons and the nuclear nations agreed to divest themselves of their nuclear weapons.  It also granted nations the right to develop peaceful nuclear power.  The current negotiations in which Iran is engaged with other nations are merely designed to guarantee that Iran, which signed the NPT, does not cross the line from developing nuclear power to developing nuclear weapons.


Nine nations, however, have flouted the NPT by either developing nuclear weapons since the treaty went into effect or failing to honor the commitment to disarm.  These nine scofflaws and their nuclear arsenals are Russia (7,500 nuclear warheads), the United States (7,100 nuclear warheads), France (300 nuclear warheads), China (250 nuclear warheads), Britain (215 nuclear warheads), Pakistan (100-120 nuclear warheads), India (90-110 nuclear warheads), Israel (80 nuclear warheads), and North Korea (<10 nuclear warheads).


Nor are the nuclear powers likely to be in compliance with the NPT any time soon.
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June Vigil for Keaton Otis

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 at 6:00 PM

NE 6th and Halsey
NE 6th and Halsey
Portland, Oregon

Event Information:

Keaton Otis was a young Black man murdered by the Portland police three years ago. The police admitted they stopped him for “looking like a gangster.” His father, Fred Bryant, has held a monthly vigil every month on the 12 since his son’s murder in his struggle for justice for three years, on the spot where Keaton’s life was taken.

Please join that struggle this month and help to spread the word.

- See more at:
Checkout the newest information on challenging the TPP!

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Tom Engelhardt,   Dangers of GMO foods
Marijuana: What's the Story?, by Don Dupay 
Mayday, International Workers' Day!

Videographer... Todd Boyle

Sheldon Solomon, "Overcoming the Fear of Death", January 11, 2016 at Town Hall Seattle. co-author of The Worm at the Core: On the Role of Death in Life gives one of his best presentations ever, of the thought of Ernest Becker, and the research and work that has been done over the last 40 years since his death....
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Breaking News: Asia Pacific   Embrace of Atheism Puts an Indonesian in Prison

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Consult Hardesty"Juggling the Numbers"  Instead of armed extra-legal storm troopers, we need effective public servants who can create safe and secure streets without precipitously resorting to violence and acrimony. We need peace officers who can live up to the name and do us proud."

Shamus Cooke /  "Stumping for Justice in Stumptown"
The Fight for $15 Finally Comes to Portland by SHAMUS COOKE

Like the Occupy movement before it, the “fight for $15” came to Portland as a transplant. Portland activists watched events in Seattle with a skeptical eye, but Seattle’s “fantasy” of $15 was transformed into an emerging reality, now replete with the support of the Mayor and City Council who are working on a plan to implement the new minimum wage.  Tom Engelhardt /

Tom H. Hastings

Salt and Terror in Afghanistan Kathy Kelly

In late January in a room in Kabul, Afghanistan, I joined several dozen people, working seamstresses, some college students, socially engaged teenagers and a few visiting internationals like myself, to discuss world hunger. Our emphasis was not exclusively on their own country’s worsening hunger problems. The Afghan Peace Volunteers, in whose home we were meeting, draw strength from looking beyond their own very real struggles.

Kucinich /  Michael

Obama won the ‘08 primary because he opposed the invasion while Hillary defended it. He tried to keep the US occupation going but the Iraqis refused to immunize US troops who commit war crimes as Obama demanded. Any Obamatons left after this disgraceful rant?-MM

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Lawrence S. Wittner

America’s Peace Ship   By Lawrence S. Wittner

Is there an emotional connection between the oceans and the pursuit of peace? 
For whatever reason, peace ships have been increasing in number over the past century.

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Eyes Wide Shut!   by Yugen Fardan Rashad

King:   I Have a Dream. Obama:   I Have a Drone     

By Norman Solomon

Now the shoe is on the other foot. It is Obama defending the principle of “national sovereignty”
while Putin is using the military “humanitarian intervention” rule
promulgated most outspokenly by Obama’s UN Ambassador
Samantha Power and National Security Advisor Susan Rice.

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“Your reward will be the widening of the horizon as you climb.
And if you achieve that reward, you will ask no other.”   
― Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin 

Haiti: Celebrating the New Year and Independence


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A Scientist Who Resisted Trump Administration Censorship of Climate Report Just Lost Her Job 
“I wouldn’t do anything different, but Jesus, this is stressful.” 

Why War Is Not Inevitable

By David Swanson

If war were inevitable, there would be little point in trying to end it. If war were inevitable, a moral case might be made for trying to lessen its damage while it continued. And numerous parochial cases could be made for being prepared to win inevitable wars for this side or that side.

Developing ways to avoid generating conflicts is part of the answer, but some occurrence of conflict (or major disagreement) is inevitable, which is why we must use more effective and less destructive tools to resolve conflicts and to achieve security. But there is nothing inevitable about war. It is not made necessary by our genes, by other inevitable forces in our culture, or by crises beyond our control.

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