MAY 24  March Against Monsanto PDX - Portland, Oregon

Some of my images from our march. Feel free to share/tag. I think many of these make good memes. Great day!

Mark Colman's photo.
Mark Colman's photo.

March Against Monsanto
is a global call to action aimed at informing the public,
calling into question long-term health risks, and
demanding genetically engineered foods be labeled
so that we can make informed decisions about what
we eat and feed our families.

        Our Food, Our Choice:
We have the right to know what's in our food.

Last year over 400 cities around the world
participated in this day of action bringing
|hundreds of thousands of people into the streets to March Against Monsanto. We hope to double that this year.

Why We March:

Protect bees and monarchs against GMO pesticides that are killing our pollinators.

• Protect our food supply and clean water.
• Support local farms and farmers.
• Protect our environment.
• Promote organic solutions.
• Expose the cronyism between big business and the government.
• Bring accountability to those responsible for the corruption.

Free the Seeds:
We will promote the new Open Source Seed initiative that keeps seeds in the public domain (opposite of what Monsanto does with seed patents that attempt to control the seed and food supply).

The following link is to the march route:

Susan Laarman 8:09pm May 23
Reminder that if you have friends in Bend, Salem, and/or Eugene there are also Marches there too:

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And a March in Missoula Montana!