Twenty months after Washingtonians voted yes on recreational marijuana, the first pot shops have been cleared to open for business. July 8th was the official first day, but the 9th was the opening of the first pot store in SW Washington’s Clark County, just a hop, skip and a joint from the Oregon border.

Main St. Marijuana in Vancouver is just one mile from Portland, Oregon. Proprietor Ramsey Hamide anticipates that, “A huge influx of our business is going to be Oregonians or from the Portland metropolitan area.”

First in the long line of people waiting to buy legal weed was Mark Edwards, 42, from Salem, Oregon. He arrived at 3:30am. “I got here early and now I get to be first of the historic day, so I’m enjoying that.” he told HIGH TIMES. “It’s the whole idea that it’s legal for the first time. I don’t have to worry about getting arrested over it, I just go buy it. I’m going to take it to a family member’s house tonight and just enjoy it for once, truly and fully.”

Edwards predicted he wouldn’t be coming to the Vancouver shop for long, “[Oregon] is going to be on the November ballot, I’m confident of that and I’m confident that when it does go through this year it’s going to be legal in just a matter of time now.”