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Tina Turner-MorfittJamie PartridgeLa_Stephaniedeborah.hallLane PoncymwmorrowStephen SiegelTimEAnneMcD

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Every Monday from 6:00pm to 6:30pm.

Of the working class, by the working class and for the working class.

Host schedule:

1st Mondays Coalition of Black Trade Unionists
2nd Mondays Stephen Siegel and Chris Riser
3rd Mondays Nick Bubb and Stephanie Patricio
4th Mondays John Walsh and Jamie Partridge
5th Mondays Lane Poncy and Michael Morrow

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ActivismCivil LibertiesCivil Rights/Human RightsClassCommunity BuildingGovernment/Politics

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Little Big Union Launches Portland's Second Fast Food Workers Alliance

Airs at: Mon, 04/22/2019 at 6:00pm - 6:30pm

Produced for:  Labor Radio

Workers at the Little Big Burger restaurant chain have launched Portland's second fast food union.  Like the Burgerville Workers Union, Little Big Union is affiliated with the Industrial Workers of the World and has already been engaged in direct actions on the shop floor for KBOO Labor Radio

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Host: Michael Morrow and Lane Poncy-- 5th Monday  Conversations: Working people and the economic crisis!
Guests, (TBA) are active union organizers, activists and allies.

Lane Poncy and Michael Morrow will host
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Susan Stoner is happy to announce
the launching of Black Drop, the 4th book in the Sage Adair
Historical Mystery series.

It got a great review from the American Library Ass'n. which is the librarians' do-purchase bible. 
My favorite bit -  "Sage Adair is a likeable and realistic anchor for this well-written, smartly plotted historical mystery series... 
the series is still accumulating a loyal fan base but each novel brings it closer to the wide acclaim it deserves...."

Ron Verzuh has produced a video about Joe Hill and will discuss his discoveries along the way.

Micheal Munk will join Lane Poncy and Michael Morrow to discuss a few of Ron's latest interests
and observations on union activities and political intrigues ...

Ron Verzuh

Ron Verzuh is currently a PhD student in history at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C. He is also the former national communications director for the Canadian Union of Public Employees. He completed his years at CUPE heading the union’s international solidarity program. He is the author of two books, several booklets and many articles on subjects ranging from the labour movement to travel, books, news media, movies, food and politics.

Michael Munk was born in Prague in 1934 and escaped from the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia to Portland in 1939. He received a PhD in politics from New York University after degrees in political science from the University of Oregon and Reed College. He was drafted into the US Army and sent to South Korea and afterwards was a journalist for the leftist New York weekly National Guardian. He taught political science at Stony Brook University, Roosevelt University in Chicago, and Rutgers University in New Jersey for twenty-five years before retiring to Portland.

Since then, his interests and publications have focused on local radical history. Munk has published widely in the Oregon Historical QuarterlyPacific Northwest QuarterlyThe Portland Alliance and The Oregonian, which listed him among Portland's "local literary luminaries"   visit his provocative website:

Lane Poncy  is with the Oregon Alliance for Retired Americans, CWA Local 7901   - Communications Workers of America Local 7901 in Portland. She has been hosting and co-hosting Fifth Monday for more than 10 years.

Michael Morrow served as President and Vice President of the Committee on Political Education for Portland Community College Faculty Federation Local 2277. He retired from teaching at PCC but is an active union member and co-hosts Fifth Monday Labor Radio.  

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   Lane Poncy      Michael Morrow      Michael Munk    &Tim Flanagan
A Struggle for Jobs with Justice      

Joe Hill                                           JWJ

    On October 29, 2012, Fifth Monday Labor Radio on KBOO
    we had an hour long show, from 6-7pm, "Third Party Choices in 2012," 
    to provide listeners with exposure, a forum, and coversation with advocates for Third Party Alternatives.

    Michael Meo, (at left) told the audience about Jill Stein (at right) and how the
    Pacific Green Party addresses issues for everyday people. 
    Rocky Anderson called in at 6:30, and a
    a local representative of the Justice Party
    was in the studio to field questions.
    The show included Dan Meek (Independent),
    Seth Woolley
    (at right) (PG),
    Bob Wolfe (Progressive),

    and Steve Hughes (at left)  (Working Families Party),
      in the studio.  If you are a candidate for a third party
    or willing to speak on behalf of third party candidates
    issues, or platforms:, please contact us
    at your earliest convenience.
    We plan to put another Third Party Show together before the 2016 elections.

Historic Shows...

Labor Radio

Labor Radio Collective:"Together We Make A Difference"
Monday Nights at 6pm,
On Monday, April 30, 2012...
Lane and Tim hosted Fifth Monday Labor Radio!
Elizabeth Joy Zarek, (below at left) an organizer for The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) talked about Early Childhood Education Workers (Pre-Kindergarden) and how they are exploited and under-valued with low pay, few benefits, and little protection. And we discovered "The Quilt Project."
And Cameron Whitten, (below right) an Occupy Organizer, gave us an update on The 99% Spring and how Occupy PDX and Labor are working together for Justice! "We are on the verge of a new age, but we can only get there as a community."  contact info for Cameron silvershadow4891@yah
Elizabeth Jacobs
The Early Learning Alliance/AFT-Oregon

The Early Learning Alliance/AFT-Oregon is a unique, statewide coalition of child care center directors, owners, teachers and staff as well as parents and community leaders who have joined in a mission to improve the quality of early childhood edu­cation in Oregon. 

CLICK HERE to join ELA today.

ELA's mission

Our mission is to ensure that child care centers have resources to provide living wage jobs; and give families access to high quality, affordable child care. To achieve this goal, we must advance the interests of the key component in a quality education — the workforce that provides it.

A unified organizational voice

We envision a unified organizational voice for the early childhood workforce based in child care centers. As a voice for the child care workforce, we advocate for livable wages, benefits and professional devel­opment — but not at the expense of struggling parents or under-funded child care centers. ELA/AFT-Oregon seeks to shape landmark legislation that would bring greater resources to child care centers and workers throughout the state.

That’s why we are joining together — owners, directors, teachers and staff of child care centers in Oregon — to find funding and public support for early learning. Join our extraordinary organizing effort! Let’s work together to make sure child care centers, and the people who work in them, get the support they deserve.

CLICK HERE to join ELA today.

For more information:  contact Elizabeth Joy Zarek, ELA/AFT-Oregon organizer and longtime early educator, to find out more about the benefits of membership. 

Elizabeth Joy Zarek, Organizer  Early Learning Alliance/AFT-Oregon
Office: (503) 906-3495
7035 SW Hampton Ave. /  Tigard, OR 97223-8313

How GM Kicks Occupationally Disabled
Workers to the Curb in Colombia

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Studio Line   (503) 231-8187
Mon, 10/10/2011 Bradbury and Angela MacWhinnie bring you a Very Special Episode of Labor Radio, all about the IWW.  Wobbly guests include:

  • Daniel Gross, IWW organizer, co-founder of the Starbucks Workers' Union, and author of the preface to the new edition of Rebel Voices: An IWW Anthology
  • Brendan Phillips, Portland community organizer and frontperson of the band Fast Rattler, on the band's new album "Linger On," a tribute to Brendan's father, the legendary Wobbly storyteller and folksinger Utah Phillips
  • Bill Adler, author of the celebrated new biography of Joe Hill, The Man Who Never Died
  • Emmitt Nolan, Portland IWW member, on organizing in the food and retail industry, and the upcoming IWW Food & Retail Workers Union Founding Convention


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