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I just learned of this tonight. I wanted to pass along the message so that others who knew Chris
through the Portland Central America Solidarity Committee
could help us all remember him. I was working with PCASC
when Chris got involved as a volunteer. He was brilliantly
creative and always challenged himself to learn new things.

C-bear was a friend- a loving and fun-loving friend. The kind
who would make you a mix-tape and find a bed on the side of
the road for you. He gave great hugs, even though I could
pretty much only reach his waist.

He was gentle. He listened. He loved his Grandma. In fact,
I think there is a story-corp interview somewhere that he
did with his Grandmother. There were moments when he
would share a little of the pain he felt. That vulnerability was a gift. C-bear, know you are loved my soooo many. I hope you have found the peace you were looking for. xxoo, Megan

In Memory of Chris Beach-Rehner
  • In Memory of Chris Beach-Rehner

    From the Friends of Chris Beach-Rehner:

    It is with a very heavy heart and deep sadness that we write to let you
    know that Chris Beach-Rehner, aka CBR, passed away over the weekend.

    CBR was a beloved member of the Portland Ultimate community.
    Whether he was on the field with the Stags, rocking a dwarf beard with
    the Natural Twenties, or leading a youth clinic, we could count on Chris
    to bring creative cheers, colorful outfits, wisdom, compassion, and big,
    accepting hugs.

    CBR brought his giving spirit as a Spring League captain and as a volunteer
    for Portland Ultimate’s CBR.4 youth programs. When he wasn’t playing ultimate, he
    was deeply committed to his day job with Janus Youth, providing relief to those
    experiencing homelessness.

    Everybody immediately noticed CBR’s large stature, but it didn’t take long to
    realize he had a heart to match. We remember Chris’s constant thoughtfulness:
    He had an immense amount of love in his heart and was never afraid to share
    that love with all those around him.

    CBR took his own life.

    Though many who knew him thought of him as simply kind and
    charismatic, those closest to him knew he also experienced deep CBR.5
    emotional pain. We believe CBR suffered most, as we all do, when he felt
    alone in his pain. We encourage the community to talk to each other and to
    be open about our grief.

    In the spirit of Chris’ love, we remind everyone to tell the people you love that
    you love them, and to remain open and compassionate to the struggles we all face.

    We hope you remember CBR as we do: be it wearing a tail on the field, compelling
    us to not to take ourselves too seriously, leaning down for a hug and listening intently,
    letting us know that every one of us is important, or having fun, being active and
    living healthfully, reminding us that life is beautiful.

    If you would like to make a donation in Chris’ honor,

    his friends and family encourage you to make a contribution

    in his memory to Portland Ultimate’s Youth Development Fund.