Prose, Poems and Art from Buddy Bee

First we have some of Buddy Bee's poetic prose.  No title...


“Looking to expand my horizons.
Hoping to acquire more sorcerers,
Magicians, In my continued effort at tolerance for all, I would sacrifice much for just a chance to befriend
a military interrogator at Guantanamo. You are all adequately aberrant, it's not you, it's me. I would kill to befriend
a Sasquatch who only speaks when spoken to, can get off their ass to wash a dish, maybe help take out the garbage.
I have two Superbowl tickets for the right candidate.

It goes without saying, 

Hermaphrodites, all forms of tragedians are always welcome. Siamese Twins, preferably pre-op, congoined,
White or black magicians. Aged women with a cough, few dependants, and an ample trust fund.
I feel we might be able, at some point, to build on that.  I would also be open, on a conditional basis,
to take on more Vampires, trampires, scampires, glampires. Peanut Butter and Jampires,

If you had fish-like flippers and an eye in the middle of your forehead, tripped out of your skull, screaming Stella,
at the 1973 Zappa concert, thus imprinting on the acute precognition of my teenaged mind how you could only be

a contagion which would one day surely afflict me...   As my untainted wisdom would have it, I now fly my freak flag
proudly, and boldly navigate through dangerous, unknown waters
filled with sea serpentry and sorcery

Buddy Bee Anthony


A poem...

Warrior's Prayer

You fed greedily
from those hampered by the
conditions of their recovery
Only to find you're restricted by
the conditions of your discovery
Your arrived into the game like a jeweled pawn
To name yourself Godhead to the board
Arisen uncircumsized
mysterious and jaded
it's the reason the curious and
'the chosen' have gathered
illuminated by your rare alpine beauty
bred from an almost extinct application of wisdom fused thrust

With guitar strokes of dissonant disregard
The Tsunami's of roving junkie followers
food for the wild beasts you created8
sucked dry the marrow of the masses you fated
Your legions steadily reproduced and multiplied

Your plan of spaced and repetitive unavailability
mushroomed the numbers of your minions to bursting at your gate
They gathered around your altar like spectators at a Royal execution
Just the mention of your name drove your minions into a frothing spitting frenzy
And they kept coming across ocean, river, and tide
from city to town, bus stop to train stop
train stop to truck stop
Crying for more and more buckets of you
Mercifully, at long last
the blade of your curtain came down
leaving your flock shredded and shell shocked
Your fleet of love-struck conscripts
stripping off layer upon layer of flesh in cultish tribute
as a lone peyote button chewing Elder Warrior
begins his ghost dance praying to his holy spirit
so that he may acquire one backstage pass to your next bread
crumb circus so as to get close enough
to end you


A poem - song...


The Work Song

I hate to work
I don't want your job
Not gonna play your fool
be a corporate cog
I don't want no promotion Ms
Not gonna learn the biz
What don't you understand
Ties leave marks around my neck
to beat the band

I might as well admit it
my life's alot cooler without your job in it
Ladies and men
I will say it again
I hate to work.

Got somethin ''portant on your mind
no matter how terrific
Only fault they're going to find
at that they are prolific

You can't smoke
no cigarettes at work
Can't hum a happy tune
Folk breathin all the way down your neck
Day never end too soon

Learnin how to make my money
without punchin a clock
wearin a geeky hair cut
and actin funny
I hate to work
If it's not for free
it's not for me
and you can keep your fast cash
and your two for tea
I hate to work

Won't see me fillin out any applications
Won't see me leafin through the classifieds
you can skip your blood pressure medications
To get a job, everything about me'd
have to be one bold faced lie
That's why
I hate to work
Computer down
computer back up
Race car smokes up
and down with the red flag. Coffee colder in your cup
what a drag
I hate to work
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday,
Here comes another well rested Holiday.

Six of one, half dozen of the other.
I don't need any bossy ladies tellin me what to do
I already got me enough mothers
I hate to work
I'm not gonna cut my hair because
I'm strictly wash and wear
I'd rather be sitting by the swimmin pool
sippin somethin sweet just me and you.

You won't see me pushin
a greasy wet mop bucket
Sorry boss
about your job
I'm going to take a pass
and chuck it
I can't wait forever for your blue chip preferred stock
I'd have to be punch drunk
to mark my precious time with a punch clock
I hate to work

Ladies and men
If I haven't been clear
May I say it again
I hate to work

Buddy Bee Anthony


And a song about...


Estella Rosa Annabella Margarito

In Dutch deep with luscious trouble
She's got me seein more than double
Estella Rosa Annabella Margarito

What to do with one fine fella
when all pistons scream Estella
Estella Rosa Annabella Margarito

All in with every card
a cooler engine couldn't rev as hard
as Estella Rosa Annabella Margarito

Met her at the Winter's Ball
spring turned summer into fall
Who wouldn't be at her beck and call
That's just Estella

Hot to trot through a pauper's mile
She'd be flat broke if not for style
She'll make or break you with her smile
Estella Rosa

She might take you anywhere
With elegance to spare
Then be off without a care
Darling Estella

Maybe take one for the team
if her black coffee needs more cream
To lift you higher than the dream
they call Estella.

Met her at the Winter's Ball
Sprung out Summer turned to Fall
Nothing New To her at all
There goes Estella

In dutch deep with luscious trouble
since being lifted from the rubble
By the natural triple double
called Estella

Gary Bercu

AKA Buddy Bee Anthony


  Buddy Bee Anthony is a poet, musician, and
  warrior who walks the talk in Portland, Oregon.

   From the author of these writings: 

I seek a more diverse mix of friends, acquaintances
   and co-conspirators in my circle of contacts.
njoy this general grouping of aberrant individuals
   on my wish list

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