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"At home, American police bureaus,
militarized and armed with machine-
guns, have been provided a license to
kill at will and our president claims a
“right” to kill anyone, anywhere, any
time, for any reason or without providing
any reason at all. This amoral and
extralegal extortion has been extended
abroad in more than 25 corporate wars of
choice. And what is most terrifying is
that the American people have surrendered
to this betrayal and treason. With innocents
executed at home and abroad, we are
under attack and must stand up and fight back."

We need to take it to the streets...

"We call upon people of good will to come to Washington, DC
on Tuesday September 22, 2015 to actively participate in a witness of nonviolent civil resistance calling on Congress and the White House to take meaningful action as we confront ...the structural violence of the military-security state. There will be an occupation of a Congressional office, followed by direct action at the White House."

more information at

Contact Elected Officials to speak your mind about...
Pacific Northwest Social Forum! 
Sisters of the Road... 133 NW 6th in Portland
at 1:00pm - 5:00pm in PDT


  • Friday, September 26th–evening and Saturday, September 27th–all day- First Unitarian Church, 1034 SW 13th Ave., Portland, Oregon 97205
  • Sunday, September 28th–morning and early afternoon- location to be determined.

The Pacific NW Social Forum (PNWSF)is not a conference, it is a convergence of people's movements who's primary work & struggles take place in No Cal, OR, WA, British Columbia, MT, ID, UT, Hawaii & Alaska to build solidarity and unified action toward social, economic and environmental justice in the Pacific NW.

We are a motion that is a part of the U.S. and World Social Forum processes. The USSF current 3-year plan calls for People's Movement Assemblies in 2014; USSFIII in 2015 in multiple locations and a National People's Movement Assembly in 2015. Go to for more information on the U.S. & World Social Forum.

We will hold a People's Movement Assembly (PMA) that will create & propose a Pacific NW People's Agenda for Action–a document that will guide us.

This PMA will be one of many PMA's taking place across the country in 2014 to inform, and prepare for, the USSFIII in 2015!

We will learn about each others struggles and connect to each others campaigns with the goal of mutual support and building toward a powerful movement for social justice in the Pacific NW. We will reach across fronts of struggle to find where we have common goals and where we can build unity, capacity and effectiveness to end the violent systems of oppression all around us and build systems that will meet the needs of all people and sustain the ecosystems of our region and the planet .

We will hear from those in other regions building region based social movements through similar processes (see for example).

Friend us on Facebook.

Anchor Organizations: Community to Community (Bellingham, WA); Right 2 Survive (Portland, OR); ; Jericho Project (Portland, Oregon); Move to Amend (Humbolt, CA); GlobalFam; The Assembly to End Poverty and USSF Poverty Working Group (national); Alliance for Global Justice (national/Olympia) all are welcome to join – these are the groups regularly on the call so far.

Allies: Jobs With Justice (Portland,Oregon), B Media Collective, The International Center for Traditional Childbearing, Veteran's For Peace 72

Disagreement without the Hate

Laura Finley, Ph.D.

Disagreement is an essential component of a healthy relationship, a healthy workplace, and a healthy democracy. Much research documents the dangers of surrounding ourselves with so-called “yes men” who always concur. Workplace echo chambers stifle innovation and reify bad policy decisions. Disagreement stimulates creative thinking and prompts innovation.

Yet, there is indeed a peaceful, even collaborative, way to disagree.  And, I contend, that it never involves personal insults, ad hominem attacks, and strings of epithets and curse words.

Unfortunately, it seems as though few in the U.S are taught how to disagree peacefully and constructively. Instead, if we read, hear or see something that bothers us, we tend to get all pissy about it and, rather than present our case, resort to the lowest blows we can. This behavior is, of course, modeled at nearly every turn. 

It is difficult to remember any politician in the recent past who has not decided that the way to offer a contrasting view is to rip the crap out of his or her opponent.  As bad (sometimes worse) is media, where television pundits (and I note, both conservative and liberal) seem to love nothing more than to invite guests onto their shows to interrupt them, yell at them, berate them, and otherwise set them up to look foolish. In professional sports, having the best trash-talker on your team is often viewed as an asset. K-12 schools reinforce the normalcy of mean-spirited disagreement when they fail to hold accountable those who denigrate those with whom they disagree. Popular culture encourages the “othering” of the alleged opposition.  For just one example, the t-shirt company David and Goliath offers a shirt that says, “Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them.”

My recent experience authoring op-eds illustrates the issue perfectly. I authored a piece about the bureaucratic stifling of activism. In the op-ed, I encouraged folks who disagree with my positions to share their viewpoints, as dialogue and disagreement can lead to amazingly creative social change from the synthesis of the best parts of different arguments. While I did receive some pleasant feedback, I also received one very disturbing piece of hate email.

Not only did this anonymous emailer attack me personally, using hateful slurs, but s/he also failed to see the point I was making, which was precisely that we should not all agree but should not stifle those who do not see things our way. 

I implore those who are reading this to understand what I am saying: I do not have all the answers. I never suggested I did. No one does. And I think it is amazing when people get worked up about an issue or a cause and take that passion to the streets, to the airwaves, to the print media and anywhere else they can find an audience. But please, do so in a peaceful, respectful manner. We really can learn from one another if we discuss and debate, rather than attack.


Laura Finley, Ph.D., teaches in the Barry University Department of Sociology & Criminology and is syndicated byPeaceVoice.

2013 Solidarity Salsa Party

Sep 21, 2013 06:30 PM

SEIU 503

6401 SE Foster

salsa party 2013

The annual party presented by Jobs With Justice and Voz!

The party includes dance lessons, a silent auction, and great food & drink.

Buy your tickets here.

 Our Salsa Instructor is Son Latino Pdx.  See the Facebook page here.

Blue donate button
Belmont Street Fair

Sep 14, 2013 12:00 PM,,SE Belmont and 33rd

The Jobs With Justice Health Care Committee will have a table at this years Street Party.  Please drop by to say hello, pick up some information and sign the petition.

2013 Solidarity Salsa Party

Sep 21, 2013 06:30 PM,SEIU 503,6401 SE Foster

The annual party presented by Jobs With Justice and Voz!

Buy your tickets now!

salsa party 2013

Reports from the Economic Front
An Economy For The 1% Sep 12, 2013
The Shrinking Labor Force Sep 08, 2013
Unhappy Labor Day Aug 31, 2013

Please take a few minutes to take part in these three actions now:

KOIN TV was purchased by LIN Media in October 2012.  They are now planning to 'hub' the broadcasts here in Portland from Indianapolis, and lay off 7 people.  
Click on the campaign hereand call General Manager Tim Perry on 503-464-0600 to let him know what you think.

"Direct Support Providers (DSP’s) at Bethesda Lutheran Community Services are the front line of care and support for people with developmental disabilities in group homes...  Some of us have been retaliated against for reporting abuse or unsafe living conditions or for sustaining workplace injuries". 
Click here for more information and take the pledge to support their struggle to form a union with SEIU 503.

"The Border Patrol uses our tax money to incarcerate immigrants in private prisons on charges that weren’t considered crimes ten years ago. We call on our Senators and Representatives to deny funding to the private prison industry."
Please Sign this petition now.

Video: Senator Wyden -
No Cuts, No Grand Bargain - Candlelight Vigil 12.10.12

author: Joe Anybody       e-mail:e-mail:
Candlelight Vigil outside of Sen. Wyden's office - Monday evening in NE Portland
Filmed outside of Senator Wyden's office on Dec 10th in NE Portland around 5:30PM
I arrived when the vigil was in process.
Organized by
The Light Brigade was there and can be seen in the end of this video [26 minute video]

homepage: homepage:

Photo: Mon, Tue, Fri at Col Summers Park (SE 17th & Taylor), 6:15-ish in front of the pavilion facing 17th. Friday is also now the big haul day for free produce too!


Arab Spring Conference in Portland, by Rod Such

"Another misconception promoted by the corporate media has also distorted the uprising in Egypt, Beinin pointed out in his session titled 'Workers’ Struggles in the Arab Spring.' The corporate media tended to ignore, if not completely omit, the role of workers in the uprising that ousted the Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. Beinin noted that between 1998 and 2011, nearly 2 million Egyptian workers participated in almost 4,000 strikes as they fought the neoliberal economic policies imposed on Egypt by U.S. ruling circles. The same class warfare policies that face U.S. workers, especially the assault on the collective bargaining rights and benefits of public workers such as school teachers and government employees, also robbed Egyptian workers of job security and the ability to keep up with an inflation rate that rose as high as 18.3 percent in 2008."   See the rest of this article at

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