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"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."

"I owe my soul to the company store."

One thing: when people sell their souls, why would they ever imagine that it would be a two-way contract. Buyer beware. Caveat emptor. The buying back is more difficult, naturally.

So there is much gnashing of teeth, etc.. Expect this stuff to throw off some sparks now and then. But I suspect that some point of exhaustion will occur, and people will get on with their lives.  As for the first quote, above, some people know this, and some don't. That's ok. You're ok. I'm ok. Ok? Ok. The ones who know it can kind of recognize each other without having met prior.

For the Tennessee Ernie Ford one, I think that there is a lot of that going around. That is one of the main drivers of the soul-investing financial services.

But these allotropes of possible social conditions are shared with many others - with hobbies, predelictions, assumptions, loyalties, "life-styles" and other bizarre forms which defy categorization, plus any number of completely innocuous transactions we engage in daily, etc..

The gnashing of teeth can be present as what happens to the fishes which is spilled on the deck of the boat, and it comes out as flopping. Sometimes it may be flailing. The list is very long. The point being that we should expect it, not be surprised by it, and perhaps even have some faith or expectation that it will come out ok, anyway.

As always, keep the faith, if any. (Otherwise, maybe count on probability, the law of large numbers, and the second law of thermodynamics.)

My best wishes to all.

John Tinker... 

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