Ellen Rosenblum wants to put Frank Gable back in prison  for a crime he did not commit...

by Theresa Kennedy-Dupay   

This is Ellen Rosenblum. She is the Attorney General for Oregon. Rumor has it she wants to run for Governor of Oregon. This woman wants to put Frank Gable Image result for attorney general of oregonback in prison for a crime he did not commit, the 1989 murder of Oregon Department of Corrections director, Micheal Franke.

Ellen wants to do this because she doesn't want Gable to sue the state of Oregon for reparations he is entitled to, for stealing thirty years of his life and convicting him in a sham of a trial. Ellen claims to care about justice but all she really cares about is her own political agendas and her own personal successes. She doesn't really care about true justice.

She's also the wife of Richard Meeker, who was an owner of the local fish wrapper, the Willamette Week newspaper. Meeker did business with Backpage Dot Com, which was shut down a couple years ago for promoting child sex trafficking, so clearly, this woman doesn't really care about true justice or that her husband associated with pedophiles and sex traffickers.

If you care about justice, call Ellen's office and speak to one of her aids, or send Ellen a
letter and tell Ellen what you think. Frank Gable is currently a free man, (thanks to an
honest judge) and he does not need the worry of contemplating the horror of going back to prison for a crime he did not commit and everyone knows he is innocent of.

Call or email this fraud named Ellen, (there is an email link on her website) and let her know what you think. I hope you'll make a simple telephone call, and speak to one of her aids, Send her an email or write her a letter to let this woman know that she's wrong. If Rosenblum wants to continue in public service, she needs to rethink her stance on putting Frank Gable back in prison. Because if she does pursue putting him back in prison, then she is the very definition of EVIL.

Theresa Kennedy-Dupay (called a "social influencer" by the Oracle, also known as Facebook)

Use this information to contact Rosenblum: 
Reception and Executive Support: 503-378-6002
Media Inquiries: 503-378-6002
Main DOJ Switchboard: 503-378-4400

Oregon Department of Justice
Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum
1162 Court Street NE
Salem, OR 97301-4096

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