Anti-War Spring Action 2018:
Takin' it to the Streets!
Shut down unprovoked American aggression
Invest in peace, people and planet Earth,

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No Fear, No Compromise, & No Surrender!

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Shut down unprovoked American aggression
Invest in peace, people and planet Earth,

Notes from Organizers...

Last night we had a very successful second national conference call for the Spring Actions Against the Wars at Home and Abroad. 
Besides reports on how the actions are building around the country, we had a good discussion about outreach and building... Some of the ideas are below.

  1. While continuing to reach out to more groups to endorse the actions in local areas and nationally, it is important to ask all groups to not just endorse, but build the actions.  This means, asking them to put information on their web sites, Facebook pages and other social media, sending information out to their members and email lists and attending planning meetings, when they are called.  Remind people that information is at the web site
  2. Everyone should be asked to join the Facebook events for their local actions and ask others to do so and share the event with their Facebook friends.  If your action does not have a Facebook event, please create one.  It is a good way to build each action.      The NY regional action Facebook event can be used as an example.  It is here:

           If you don’t have experience with Facebook and would like help with creating a Facebook event,
                  please send an email to and we can help you create it.

  1. Besides Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms like Instagram can be used to build the actions.  On Twitter and other platforms hash tags should be used.  For the spring actions we are using #SpringAgainstWar.  It would be good to tweet about your action at least once per day.  If you are going to add the web site to your tweet, instead of using, use springaction2018 DOT org.  Twitter has been rejecting some tweets with the “.”  Here is a tweet sent out today: “Gun violence has got to be connected to U.S. militarism abroad. Join me to #SpringAgainstWar  springaction2018 DOT org”  Some of the gun violence people have used  #enough.  You may want to put this in your tweets to reach that audience.
  2. It is good to send out a press release to try and get the regular media to publicize the events.  When doing this, many areas that have not had good luck with the major newspapers and TV stations have been able to get information in local community and alternative papers and cable stations.  Again in New York, a paper called the Independent is giving us a very good rate for a full page ad.  This may work in other areas too.
  3. As always, leafleting at progressive political events and posting flyers where possible, especially at schools is important.
  4. There is also a lot that can be done with YouTube and podcasts.  Some of the Youtube channels and podcasts have very large followings.  Below is a compilation of some of these put together by an activist who has been working on building the actions.  People should try to contact the people running these YouTube channels and podcasts to see if they will interview someone or help build the actions in other ways.


Here's are some anti war episodes: Country in Perpetual War Shocked at School Shootings:

NSA Reveals why US is in Syria:

  Tim Black TV: Tim Black is another lefty YouTuber with an anti-war perspective, he's also a Black progressive. He's based out of Baltimore. He has over 100,00 subscribers.

His show

An anti-war episode:

Our Bloated Military Budget is a Major Problem:

 . Jamarl Thomas: Jamarl is another Black progressive YouTube personality. He has a smaller following of about 7,000 but he's also anti-war. While I don't know if he did a segment on it, he was at the last UNAC gathering in Richmond, I bumped into him there.

His YouTube page

An anti-war episode:

Horrific Consequences of Our Actions in Libya:


I love Caitlin Johnstone who is an Australian who writes almost exclusively about US foreign policy. For the sake of transparency I will say she is a bit of a lightning rod on the left, she in the past has suggested a right-left alliance on mutual issues, in this case anti-war issues. I personally am not fond of it but for it she tends to occasionally get excoriated on the left but she's a solid lefty, very solidly anti-war; could perhaps he helpful in getting the word out. 

Her site

An anti war piece on the Iraq War:

On the Fifteenth Anniversary of the Iraq War: Make the World Remember Its Lessons


In terms of radio, Ralph Poynter and Betty Davis have a podcast they do every Tuesday covering Black issues, anti imperialism and anti-capitalism, they would likely be interested too. They're based in NYC. Here's their radio

 Lastly Radio Sputnik has 2 programs that cover anti-war issues and are based out of DC:

By Any Means Necessary. Hosts are Eugene Puryear and Sean Blackmon. Eugene was the Vice Presidential candidate of the Party for Socialism & Liberation. Their program

Loud And Clear. Hosts are Brian Becker and John Kariakou. Brian Becker is also with the Party for Socialism & Liberation and John is a CIA whistleblower. Their program

the Katie Halper Show should be added to the list:

 Also Ralph Nader' s podcast:

Also Cindy Sheehan's podcast:

 If you have success with anything above or have other ideas, please share them with everyone by sending to this email

List of endorsers of the spring actions

(list in formation)

The Portland Alliance
our resources are available at
The International Peace Resource Center Library at 2228 West Kent Ave.
in Missoula, Mt. (NW Alliance for Alternative Media and Education: NAAME. Inc.
and The Wordsmith Collection, Inc.  501 C-3 Non-profits)

​Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases

United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC)

Black Alliance for Peace

​US Peace Council

​Code Pink

​Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, US Section

​International Action Center

​Popular Resistance

​World Beyond War

​Veterans for Peace

​Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

​Peace Action of US Green Party


​International League of People's Struggle

​Okinawa Peace Appeal

​Nodutdol for Korean Community Development


​IFCO/Pastors for Peace

​ANSWER Coalition


​Oakland Education Association

​National Coalition to Protect Student Privacy

​Labor Fightback Network

​Friends of the Congo

​Environmentalist Against War

​All African People's Revolutionary Party

​North American Climate, Conservation and Environment(NACCE)

​Mobilization Against War and Occupation (MAWO) - Vancouver, Canada

​Show Up! America

​Center for Conscience in Action

​Greater Boston United for Justice with Peace Coalition

​Peace Action New York State

​New York Solidarity with Vieques

​Sacramento Area Peace Action

​Green Party of Utah

Green Party of Connecticut

​Bronx Community Greens 

​Veterans For Peace, #92

​North American Climate, Conservation and Environment(NACCE)

Native Lives Matter & Native Lives Matter Coalition

​Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Maine War Tax Resistance Resource Center

​Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Social Justice Cttee 

​San Diego Central Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party of California

Northeastern Connecticut Coalition Against US War 

Christian Coalition for Justice and Peace in Congo

​Greater Boston Chapter of the Green-Rainbow Party

​Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia

435 Campaign for Global Justice

​Roots of Conflict

People Demanding Action

​NJ State Industrial Union Council

​Occupy Sonoma County

​System Change Not Climate Change

​North Coast Coalition for Palestine

​350 Connecticut

​Metro West Peace Action

​Jersey City Peace Movement

​Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace

​Ann Arbor Coalition Against the war

​Community Organizing Center, Columbus, OH

​Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center 

​BFUU Social Justice Committee

​Green Party of Alameda County CA

​Xochipilli Latino Men's Circle

Peace Action of San Mateo County

​NW Alliance for Alternative Medica and Education 

Organization for the Victory of the People, Guyana, South America

Veterans for Peace, Chapter 71 Sonoma County

Green Party of Sonoma County

Speak Out Now

​Power to the Public

Peace & Justice Center of Sonoma County

Comité VIDA Sonoma County

​ PM Press

​Taking Actions

​Corning Silent Peace Vigil

​350 Bay Area

​Haiti Action Committee

APTP (Anti Police-Terror Project

Community Ready Corps

Petaluma Progressives

Greater New Haven Peace Council

Connecticut Coalition for Peace and Solidarity

Hope Out Loud

Veterans for Peace – CT

Greater Hartford Coalition on Cuba

Connecticut Green Party

Cindy Sheehan, Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox

Alice Walker, author

Angela Davis

Father Luis Barrios, priest in charge, Iglesia Santa Cruz Holyrood Church, New York

​​Deanna Dee Taylor, Co-Chair, Green Party of the United States Peace Action Committee

Rafael Jesus Gonzalez, Poet Laureate of the city of Berkeley, CA

Michael Eisenscher, Bay Area Labor Committee for Peace & Justice

Nancy Price, Exec. Comm., Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases  

Patrick McCann, Veterans For Peace, past national president, current national board member

Blanca Missé, Labor Rising; International Women’s Strike*

Joe Catron, U.S. Coordinator, Samidoun: Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network

Alita Blanc, President, United Educators of San Francisco (UESF)*

Barbara L. Nielsen, Co-Chair, Nat’l DISARM-End Wars Committee, Women's International League for Peace & Freedom, United States Section*;  Member, WILPF

San Francisco Branch*

Jeff Mackler, Northern California United National Antiwar Coal; Nat’l UNAC Administrative Comm.

Ellen Schwartz, former Program co-chair, Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom, U.S. Section

Jack Fleck, Steering Committee, 350 Bay Area

Mary Ratcliff, Editor, San Francisco Bay View, a National Black Newspaper

Pierre La Boissiere, Co-founder, Haiti Action Committee

Tova Fry, International Action Center

Monadel Herzallah, Labor organizer, antiwar activist
Walter Riley, Board Chair, Haiti Emergency Relief  Fund; Chair, Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute
Alan Benjamin, Steering Committee, Labor Fightback Network; delegate, SF Labor Council*
David Welsh, Vets for Peace East Bay Chapter 162; Haiti Action Commi.* delegate SF Labor Council*
Don Bechler, Chair, Single Payer Now
Rick Sterling, Steering Committee, Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center; Hands Off Syria Coalition
Paul George, Director, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center
Kamran Nayeri, Editor, Our Place in the World: A Journal of Ecosocialism
Stephen Bingham, Past President, SF Bay Area Chapter National Lawyers Guild; Marin Grassroots Coalition for Immigrant and Civil Rights*
Laura Herrera, Co-coordinator, Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal
Alicia Jrapko, U. S. Coordinator, International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity.
Tom Lacey, Chair, San Francisco Peace and Freedom Party
Karl Kramer, Campaign Co-director, San Francisco Living Wage Coalition*
Dan Kaplan, Executive Sec., San Mateo Community College Federation of Teachers, AFT Local 1493
Francisco Herrera, Trabajo Cultural CAMINANTE /Cultural Worker/Educator
Ron Dicks, Past International Vice President Western Region, International Federation of Professional and Technical Employees (IFPTE), retired*
Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone, Co-producers, Taking Aim, Pacifica Radio
Rhonda Ramiro, Vice Chair, BAYAN-USA
Carolina Dutton, Task Force on the Americas/Marin,
Bill Balderston, Teacher/labor activist
Bradley Wiedmaier, SEIU Local 2015 SF Labor Council delegate*
Barry Hermanson, San Francisco Green Party
Marsha Feinland, State Executive Committee, Peace & Freedom Party
Marylia Kelley, Tri-Valley CAREs
Clarence Thomas, ILWU Local 10, retired
Katharine Harer, Co-VP & Organizer, AFT 1493, San Mateo Community College Fed. of Teachers
Allan Fisher, AFT 2121 SF Labor Council delegate, CISPES
Attila Nagy, Pres., Peace & Justice Ctr. Sonoma County;*;Comité VIDA immigrant rts. organization*
Judith Mirkinson, National Lawyers Guild/ SF/Bay Area
Steve Ongerth, co-founder IWW Environmental Unionism Caucus*
Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Ma'at, Africans Deserve Reparations Campaign
Linda Ray, SEIU 1021 delegate to San Francisco Labor Council *
Susan Lamont, Veterans for Peace,* May 1st Coalition,* Green Party of Sonoma County, Police Brutality Coalition of Sonoma County*

Doug Minkler, Poster Artist

​Alice Loaiza, March Patriotica Columbia

David Walsh, Past President TCU/IAM 1089 *

​Thomas Bias, Labor Fightback Network *

​Phoebe Sorgen, Delegate to Green Party USA National Committee
Tarik Kanaana, Green Party of Sonoma County; May 1st Coalition*
Peter Phillips, Professor Political Sociology Sonoma State University
Laurence Shoup, author, activist, Green Party*
Michael Parenti, author, lecturer
Martha Hubert and Renay Davis, San Francisco Code Pink
Eugene E . Ruyle, Veterans for Peace, East Bay Chapter #162

Michael Eisenscher, National Coordinator Emeritus, US Labor Against the War*

Michele Mashburn, Coordinator, San Jose Peace and Justice Center

Our Developing World
Stan Woods, Former Exec. Bd. Member, ILWU Local 6

Bay Area International Socialist Organization

Freedom Socialist Party
Workers Voice/La Voz
Socialist Action
Socialist Organizer
Labor Fightback Network
Workers World Party
Socialist Viewpoint

 *organization for identification only

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