August 2014

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East Coast Roads Take Me Home 1 

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What we know about Michael Brown's Murder in Ferguson, MO:  He was unarmed and a white cop shot the boy at least eight times... 
then the officer lied about the encounter and let Mike bleed
to death in the street.

2014 814 ferg fwLaw enforcement officers, including a sniper perched atop an armoured

vehicle, watch as demonstrators protest the fatal shooting of Mike

Brown, in Ferguson, Mo., Aug. 13, details on Alliance Truthout Portal.    PERHAPS REALIZING that the

heavy-handed response from cops has only inflamed the situation, Missouri Gov. Jay

Nixon announced on Thursday that he was going to pull St. Louis County police out of

Ferguson--reportedly assuring clergy and community...

Vigil at the Portland Oregon Federal Building; for Immigrations Rights
and to demand that President Obama take immediate action to keep families
together and STOP the humanitarian crisis at the border!
Filmed on Thursday, July 31 2014
5:00 PM at the Portland Federal Building. read more>

                          East Coast Roads Take Me Home

August 1, 2014  Published in The Portland Occupier

DSC _8139aStory and Photos by Pete Shaw

Every so often, when mentioning that I write for this publication, I get asked whatever happened to the Occupy Movement. The question often confuses me because it implies a singularity where I see linearity or even a sort of feedback loop that links past with present and constantly informs future, however unpredictable.

To my mind Occupy was about a lot of people suddenly seeing a problem and wanting to do something about it getting it on with a lot of people who already saw problems and had been working on crafting solutions before people began taking over parks and other public spaces. Surely many of the people in poverty and without housing who made up some of the occupants of Portland’s Lownsdale and Chapman Squares had long known the injustice of a system valuing markets over people. And certainly people of color–who in many Occupy sites, including Portland, were told their concerns regarding race were secondary to issues of class–all too well understood the inequities that had begun to
engulf the largely white middle class.

When it was over, so to speak–when police forces destroyed encampments and beat and arrested people–some folks called it a day. That should have come as no surprise. In a history that is often written as a narrative extolling individualism and singular moments that result in gains made as if through–pardon the expression–an invisible hand, the singular moment had fizzled and for those who bought into the dominant narrative, there was nothing more to be done but go back to what they were doing in August, 2011. The corporate media told them they had failed, even if those newspapers and television shows never got a handle on what the people of Occupy were doing..

But many also discovered that this narrative was a lie... 

  read the rest of the story at the Portland Occupier>

                       Cascade Media Convergence

Cascade Media Convergence!
A gathering of community-based media organizations, journalists and artists to share info, network, and explore regional collaboration, PDX
Sept 19th-21st
read more>


                         Missoula Magic: Music, Writing & Creative Arts
Third image

"The Cutting Edge of Social Change"   

Robert Cray returns to the Top Hat August 13, 2014!
Missoula naked bike ride gets final OK from city officials 

read more>

In a surprise move, five members of the nine-member Citizen Review

(CRC), which hears appeals of cases of alleged police misconduct,

resigned to protest what they called a "mockery" and a "sham"

Chair Hector López, Vice Chair Denise Stone, longtime activist TJ Browning

and new members Mia Butbaugh and Doug Montgomery all read prepared statements

at the August 19 meeting, denouncing the lack of support for their efforts.

read the rest of the story!

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